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Can wine bottle labels influence the purchase?

Currently, the amount of wines that we find when we walk through wineries or wine sections in the supermarket are numerous, therefore the greater the competition, the more need to make a difference between the rest of the products. Hence the importance in the design of the wine bottle label : in many cases the label will be the determining factor for decision-making at the time of purchase. Whether you know a lot or a little about wine, the most beautiful labels tend to attract more consumer attention, however a label is more than a pretty face: it is a cover letter that will speak more about wine than one can imagine. We could corroborate the expression that an image is worth than a thousand words. Thanks to new technologies it is possible to create a wide variety of bottle labels, with different finishes, colors and prints. We can find on the market self-adhesive labels for very different bottles: some very modern with reliefs and striking colors; other wine labels follow a mo