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Family Counselling: what is it, what problems does it solves and how it works?

Times have certainly changed. Especially in recent decades, the concept of family is very different from what our parents had, not to mention our grandparents and great-grandparents! Now, regardless of this fact, the family has always been a fundamental nucleus in the development of each one of us. We must bear in mind that, from the moment we are born, our family is located in our closest environment. They are the closest people with whom we deal, with whom we are in contact the longest and the ones who should convey the most trust to us. On many occasions, this does not happen, creating problems that not only influence said family environment, but also our own individual development. In this case, family counselling can be an extremely important psychological resource. Precisely, in this article we are going to talk about what family counselling consists of and how it works. What is the family? Before investigating family counselling, we must answer another much more importa