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Printed brochures and catalogs, why are they still current?

We have already mentioned that good graphic communication provides credibility and offers confidence to your clients. Proper design will determine the effectiveness of your company's brochures and catalogs. The design of a brochure or catalog must be attractive, generate interest, attract attention, not leave indifferent, offer important and useful information, etc. Are you interested? Keep reading... Are you clear about your objective? Differences between brochure and catalog What is the purpose of your brochure or catalog? Do you want to highlight a product or describe a specific service? Or, put another way, what kind of customers do you want to attract with your brochure or catalog? A brochure has the main objective of attracting the attention of a new customer. For this, the brochure uses the necessary elements to be eye-catching and attractive. In its design it usually contains a large headline, visually powerful images, and a clear call to action. Visually, a broc