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Printed brochures and catalogs, why are they still current?

We have already mentioned that good graphic communication provides credibility and offers confidence to your clients. Proper design will determine the effectiveness of your company's brochures and catalogs.

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The design of a brochure or catalog must be attractive, generate interest, attract attention, not leave indifferent, offer important and useful information, etc. Are you interested? Keep reading...

Are you clear about your objective? Differences between brochure and catalog

What is the purpose of your brochure or catalog? Do you want to highlight a product or describe a specific service? Or, put another way, what kind of customers do you want to attract with your brochure or catalog?

A brochure has the main objective of attracting the attention of a new customer. For this, the brochure uses the necessary elements to be eye-catching and attractive. In its design it usually contains a large headline, visually powerful images, and a clear call to action.

Visually, a brochure is a short printed document, usually consisting of one or two folded pages, and usually highlighting a specific product or service.

A catalog is focused and directed to clients who already know our products and / or services but who are interested or want to receive more information. The design of a catalog is not so much about impact, but is generally focused on a more informative design.

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At a visual level, a catalog is a list of products and / or services that our company offers in detail, where its main characteristics and specifications are specified. Because of this, the size of a catalog is much larger than that of a brochure.

Advantages of the printed brochure or catalog

  1. Having a brochure and / or company catalog, reinforces the image of your company and, at the same time, the possibility of using many images and expanding on the texts, allows us to create a very attractive product, a printed showcase that generates the interest and attention of our clients or potential clients.
  2. We must not forget that printed brochures and catalogs continue to be a powerful marketing tool that ensures that all information about our company's products and services remains for a long time or permanently in our clients' offices or homes, obtaining a lasting impact.
  3. Studies have shown that when we surf the net, our brain adopts an attitude of active exploration, unlike the receptive attitude we have when we read. Therefore, the client who sees our products or services through our printed catalog will be more willing to study or hire them.
  4. Brochures and catalogs are a very good support for your company's marketing and communication campaigns.

So do I need a brochure or a catalog?

Any company that offers products and / or services, in addition to having a careful web design, should have a good brochure and physical catalog. And it is that, although digital design is fully fashionable and is a comfortable and economical option, the brochure and the physical catalog are still the best means that a company has to publicize its products and / or services directly to the consumer.

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At Jennings Print we recommend having a brochure and a company catalog, each with clearly differentiated objectives.

On the one hand, we believe it is necessary for any company that offers products or services to have a brochure that achieves the objective of attracting the attention of new customers.

On the other hand, we believe that it is very important to have an elegant and informative company catalog that satisfies the demand for more information about our products and / or services.

Your catalog in the best hands

At Jennings Print we design, model and make the final arts for the printing of all types of company brochures and catalogs. That is, we deliver the final artwork for your brochures and catalogs, to ensure that it will be printed optimally and without problems. Visit our printing services here.

We design professional brochures and catalogs made to measure, with a high quality graphic design, adapted to the communication needs of your company and based on its corporate visual identity.

Our designs are focused on awakening interest and desire in your products or services. We guarantee attractive, effective, eye-catching and original designs.

Contact us, we will be happy to listen to you, send you a non-binding quote and design an efficient, attractive and modern brochure or catalog.


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