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6 tips for choosing a good air conditioning technician

When you decide to install an air conditioner at home, you start looking at stores and comparing prices. Although it is also very important to look at the details such as: the after-sales service, the experience of the air conditioning installer or the opinions of the customers.  Buying an air conditioner is an investment, so it is important that you choose a device that meets all your needs and of course, that it is well installed to avoid future problems. In this article we bring you several tips so that when you are looking for an air conditioning technician , you choose the correct one: Trust the experience The best thing is to ask for advice on a good technician from air conditioning to a store that carries many years in the sector. We recommend not only looking for good prices but instead betting on paying a little more to ensure correct installation. If the air conditioning is incorrectly installed, many breakdowns can arise which will entail even more expenses in the fut