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6 tips for choosing a good air conditioning technician

When you decide to install an air conditioner at home, you start looking at stores and comparing prices. Although it is also very important to look at the details such as: the after-sales service, the experience of the air conditioning installer or the opinions of the customers. 

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Buying an air conditioner is an investment, so it is important that you choose a device that meets all your needs and of course, that it is well installed to avoid future problems. In this article we bring you several tips so that when you are looking for an air conditioning technician, you choose the correct one:

Trust the experience

The best thing is to ask for advice on a good technician from air conditioning to a store that carries many years in the sector. We recommend not only looking for good prices but instead betting on paying a little more to ensure correct installation. If the air conditioning is incorrectly installed, many breakdowns can arise which will entail even more expenses in the future. You can choose an installer recommended by acquaintances or the typical one from the neighborhood, but it is always important to assess the experience and quality of their service.

Good after-sale service

Make sure you know how much warranty time your shop or installer offers you after mounting the air conditioner, as a good warranty will give you peace of mind. The term of this type of guarantee usually ranges from 1 to 2 years.

air condition technician in Newcastle

Equipment maintenance

If you have decided to buy an air conditioner, you have to think that, in addition to the installer's invoice for mounting the air conditioner, it is likely that every one or two years you will have to do a maintenance service. Many installers offer this service, so it is important to take it into account in the first contact to generate a trustworthy link. Furthermore, to facilitate the maintenance and promote maximum hygiene in the equipment, the air conditioners have the function Self-cleaning which removes the condensation water and expels bacteria.

Personalized recommendation

An air conditioning expert will know how to tell you which is the most suitable equipment for your home, depending on the size and location of the room where you want to install it. Air conditioning installers will be your best advisers when deciding, that is why it is important that this person builds confidence in you and always offers you more than one option so that the final choice can be made by you. If you are still thinking about what equipment to buy and would like the installation to be as simple as possible, we recommend our air conditioner, one of our equipment that is characterized by its easy installation and maintenance.

air conditioning technician

Financial aid

Authorized installers know the industry and are constantly updated to advise their customers. In addition to recommending a device according to your needs and available budget, they can also inform you about aid for renovating and improving energy efficiency. There are various government aids that offer subsidies for equipment changes, depending on the autonomous community this help can reach 600 AUD. 

Your own safety

Making the pre installation of the air conditioner and installation is not easy. Professionals handle fluorinated gases, electrical cables and have to use specialized machinery. Since 2018, air conditioning installers must have an accreditation. To ensure that you are in the hands of a good professional, you can ask them to teach you the necessary certifications.

These are some of the advantages of hiring an authorized technician for the installation and maintenance of the air conditioning: experience, quality maintenance, safety ... a series of resources that only a professional can offer.


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