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How to choose the right limousine service?

To know how to choose the right limousine, various criteria must be taken into account: the occasion, number of people, number of hours, or distance. Most luxury taxi and limousine companies will need to know the type of event for which they will be hired: birthdays, weddings, etc. to be able to offer the specialized service and guarantee the best possible experience. The more detailed the information, the better proposals they can offer us and surely the more successful Type of events that limousines provide Limousine companies usually offer their rates depending on the type of event. Airport transfers Wedding Departures at night Birthday Tours with drinks around the city, Concerts Promotions Meetings with clients All limousine companies have some fixed and variable rates, also times and days with higher rental / hour rates. Usually the highest rates are on Friday nights, Saturdays and holidays and the eve of holidays. Prepare the details for your limousine reservation