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Can wine bottle labels influence the purchase?

Currently, the amount of wines that we find when we walk through wineries or wine sections in the supermarket are numerous, therefore the greater the competition, the more need to make a difference between the rest of the products.

Hence the importance in the design of the wine bottle label: in many cases the label will be the determining factor for decision-making at the time of purchase.

wine labels

Whether you know a lot or a little about wine, the most beautiful labels tend to attract more consumer attention, however a label is more than a pretty face: it is a cover letter that will speak more about wine than one can imagine. We could corroborate the expression that an image is worth than a thousand words.

Thanks to new technologies it is possible to create a wide variety of bottle labels, with different finishes, colors and prints. We can find on the market self-adhesive labels for very different bottles: some very modern with reliefs and striking colors; other wine labels follow a more serious line with sober and elegant prints. As we said before, the design of the wine bottle label will be consistent with the message we want to convey to the consumer and determine in a certain way the audience we want to reach.

In conclusion, we can affirm that wine bottle labels are promotional labels that will make the consumer choose a specific wine when they have endless possibilities in front of them.

Tips for designing bottle labels

The labels of the bottles of wine are the most important detail of its presentation. It is like with books: the public looks at the cover when choosing the next book, they want to read. Therefore, with wine, the consumer will also judge them by their packaging.

Self- adhesive bottle labels are the calling card, therefore, they must attract the attention of the consumer, provoke curiosity and at the same time convey the right message. Here are some tips and tricks for designing bottle labels.

wine label design

Requirements to design the perfect label for wine bottles

As a starting point, the ideal is to have personnel trained in design; It is vital that you understand the basic principles of design, the professional use of typefaces, as well as understand disciplines such as printing and the packaging process.

In this way, communication with the label factory will be more fluid and, at the same time, it will be easier to translate the idea and the message into the final product to achieve the ideal label for the bottle of wine.

Is it important to know about wine to design bottle labels?

As in everything, it will help a lot to have a certain culture of the sector to be able to stand out. The greater that knowledge, the better.

Having “controlled” the competition will prevent labels similar to existing ones from being designed: differentiation and innovation are the key.

Nor should we forget another aspect of this sector: production. The operation of the bottling lines, the way in which the labeling is carried out, the most suitable technique for effective printing, specifications related to the type of paper according to the regions, the closure systems….

The wine labels you sell

What does it mean when we talk about a successful wine labels? They are labeled memorable, special, distinctive and capable of withstanding the passage of time without the need to assiduously incorporate changes.

custom wine label design

Knowing the target audience to whom we want to address is the fundamental piece to be able to create the product that seems specially designed for them. The bottle labels must provide the winery a presence attractive and distinctive, with a strongly marked personality for the consumer feel attracted by the bottle and thus be tempted to pick it up.

As a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels with years of experience, we can advise you if you are in the process of designing a label for wine. On our website you will find all the information to contact us. We will wait for you!


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