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Solar Panels: Worth the Investment for Your House?

Have you been wondering about installing solar panels for your home? If so, you are not alone. With the rise in energy prices and the need to protect our planet, more people are looking at this option. However, there is a lot of misinformation out there that can make it difficult for homeowners to know if they should invest in solar panels or not.

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This blog post will help clear up some of the uncertainty surrounding solar panel installation and show why investing in these systems is worth it!

Advantages of Solar Panels at home

First, we need to know the advantages of solar panels. Solar power is one of the best energy sources for our homes because it has no noise, no air pollution and doesn't require us to be near a factory or other industrial area. It also cuts down on transportation costs and makes sense in remote areas without access to electricity from traditional sources such as coal plants, gas stations or nuclear facilities.

Solar panels are now affordable with savings in their electric bill offsetting the initial cost of installation over time (as much as 25 years). A home solar panel system can generate 20-40% of your household's electrical needs which will save you money on what you would have had to pay for using non-renewable fuel like oil, natural gas or coal that runs through pipelines delivered by rail or truck.

Solar panels are a wise investment and can be an important part of your long-term financial plan. They will provide you with more peace of mind about the future, give your family less exposure to toxins in our environment and reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming while lowering electric bills over time.

In this ever changing world it’s reassuring to know we have options for clean energy sources now available at home on rooftops.

Now that we know that advantages, we should also need to know the disadvantages of having solar panels at our homes.

Disadvantages of Solar panels at home

Solar panels have tons of advantages but it also has disadvantages.

One disadvantage is that it can be costly. With solar panels you need to pay for the installation and if your lease is over than you have to buy all of them off which means they will cost a lot more money, not just in initial but also in maintenance costs.

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Another disadvantage would be power outages; even though there are new technologies like battery storage systems or micro grids, these components still require some kind of backup power from a local grid system which may not always work when needed (during emergency situations).

This has led many people with solar panels at home being deprived of their electricity during blackouts because the government won't allow other forms of energy production to feed into city grid networks. Some people end up using gasoline generators, which is not the best option since they are noisy and polluting, to power their homes.

Now that we have cleared our thoughts about solar panels, if it’s worth to invest into our homes, but what else do we need to know? We might be thinking to have a go and install solar panels into our homes, but we might be also asking these questions:

  • What are the types of solar panels?
  • What are best solar panels for our homes?
  • What's it like living with solar panels?

To dig and get more ideas about solar panels, we need to know each type and what is best for our homes.

1. What are the types of solar panels?

There are three main types of solar panels:

  • Monocrystalline silicon cells - these are the most efficient solar panels but its costly.
  • Polycrystalline Silicon cells - these provide a little efficiency than monocrystalline cells and also tend to be a little cheaper.
  • Thin film solar cell (CdTe) - this is an emerging technology with excellent potential for future use. It’s not yet commercially viable because it requires expensive manufacturing techniques. This is also a portable and flexible type of solar panel with lower efficiency and performance.

There are also different sizes of solar panels:

Solar panels can be installed on the roof or ground in a vast variety of shapes, some more complex than others.

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The most common shape is called an "array," which consists of rows and columns of modules that face southward to capture as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. Some arrays have poles for mounting them onto roofs while other types fold up into boxes so they're easier to transport before installation.

There are also small solar panel systems that work well on boats and RVs; these include marine grade kits designed specifically for use at sea level or elevated pressure conditions such as found near mountains. These smaller size panels do not require heavy lifting equipment like traditional large scale solar power plants.

Each solar panel has a limited number of connections, which means that the length and width must be carefully planned out in order to keep as many panels connected together as possible while maintaining optimal power output. A basic rule of thumb is to make sure each module can produce at least 180 watts under peak conditions; this ensures that the system will provide enough juice even on cloudy days or when there are shadows present from nearby trees or buildings.

The cost for solar installation varies widely depending on geographic location, roof type (flat vs angled), desired level of performance, available incentives/rebates, contractor rates, etc., but it's usually around $20 per watt installed after tax credits and rebates - so a typical home would wind up costing about $20,000.

If you're looking to go solar, We are here for you! We offer a full range of residential and commercial solar power solutions available. At Aztech Solar we want to help make your home more environmentally friendly while also reducing your monthly energy bills; if that sounds like something up your alley then give us a look next time you need quality solar panel products or services in the Newcastle area.

We provide top notch customer service as well as competitive pricing on all of our installations and maintenance work.

2. What are the best solar panels for our homes?

After knowing the types of solar panels, cost and efficiencies, now we need to know which one is best to install into our homes.

The best solar panel is the one that will provide enough electricity for your home.

The solar panels efficiency is measured by the percentage of sunlight converted to electric energy, called the photovoltaic conversion ratio or PVR. This measurement ranges from about 12% in a laboratory setting to 30-50% on an overcast day with no sun shining directly onto a panel.

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A good rule of thumb is if you have high usage rates at night then it might be best to go with 50%. Those who are looking into solar power because they have high electricity rates during the day might be best with a lower PVR like 22%.

There are those who would argue that solar panels efficiency is not as important. They say, "Solar power systems only work when the sun shines." This may be true for some homeowners and their needs but it's wrong to assume this about all of them.

This means if you want to generate your own energy from renewable sources then higher efficiencies will allow you to do so more often while saving on costs in the long-term. The photovoltaic conversion ratio also impacts how much space a solar panel requires since every potential watt matters in determining where an installation should take place. In other words, low PVRs require more surface area for a comparable output than high-efficiency panels.

3. What is it like living with solar panels?

An important question we might need to know is "What is it like living with solar panels?" If you have a sunny climate, as an example, the panels would be more beneficial than if your climate had less sunlight. This means that in some areas they are worth an investment while others may not find this as helpful and might want to invest elsewhere.

In terms of cost savings across the lifespan of a system, there's no denying that these systems can save homeowners money by offsetting their electric bill each month or saving them from rising electricity rates over time - but when considering whether or not to install solar paneling on your home, we highly advise looking at other factors such as how much sun shines in your area and what type of space you need covered.


To wrap things up and to help you decide if installing solar panels is worth it for your house, here is what we have learned:

         The solar panels are not cheap, but the investment could pay off in the long run if you put a good amount of research and time into it.

         Solar power has become cheaper than ever before which means there's never been a better time to invest.

         Politicians and other stakeholders need to continue investing in solar panel technology or they will be rendered less competitive on an international level with China, India, Vietnam etc. who are currently dominating this industry.

         Solar panels are environmentally friendly and sustainable, creating less pollution than coal plants do.

For those that want more information about their specific situation, feel free to contact Aztech Solar for some outside help!


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