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Top Reasons to Install a Carport

A carport is an important investment that will provide many benefits for your property. Carports are perfect for those who live in the colder climates, as they protect vehicles from snow and ice accumulation during winter months. A carport can also help reduce the cost of heating a garage by up to 30%. 

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When it comes to carports, Hunter Patios and Additions is the name you can trust. With over 20 years of experience and a growing list of satisfied customers, we are leading carport builders in Newcastle that provide outstanding work ethic and loyal customer service every time. In this blog post, we will share with you 11 different reasons why installing a carport should be on your radar as a homeowner or business owner!

1. Protect Your Car from the Elements

Rainy weather can cause rust spots on your vehicle; snow removal in wintertime requires more effort; salt water from roads during heavy storms causes corrosion on metal surfaces. Installing a carport keeps your vehicle safe from these hazards by protecting it from natural elements.

2. Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Carport installations may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. This is because carports offer additional protection against natural disasters. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company.

3. Reduce the Risk of Theft

Cars are much more vulnerable when they're parked outside. Installing a carport deters thieves because it creates an illusion that there is nothing valuable inside or available to steal. Also, carport installations in Newcastle have been known to be a deterrent against carjacking.

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4. Installers can build a wall around your vehicle for added security

Depending on the size of your yard, this option may not work well or at all. However, it's worth considering if you live in an area where theft and carjacking are more common.

5. Installing a carport will also protect your property from damage caused by harsh weather conditions like salt water.

This includes corrosion and rusting which both wear down metal surfaces over time, making them less sturdy than they otherwise might be. Protection is just one advantage provided by installing one!

6. Carports provide shade during summer months when temperatures soar into triple digits Fahrenheit (or about 40 degrees Celsius).

If you live in a region where snowfall is common, carports are nearly always an excellent option because they offer protection from the elements and their effects. More specifically, these structures can help prevent ice dams which form when water freezes on surfaces like roofs or gutters. These unwanted guests will often find themselves flowing over into your home below! 

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7. Carports also provide some measure of insulation during cold months while simultaneously making it easier to clear snow off of them than other parts of your property.

That means that they'll be able to withstand colder weather for much longer periods without sustaining damage - this may not seem too important now but wait until winter arrives with all its force!

8. Installing one helps protect vehicles against UV damage.

Those who have ever tried to clean a car that has been exposed for long periods will know just how much of an issue the sun can be - and it's not something you want happening to your prized possession!

9. Increase Property Value of Your Home

As a potential home buyer, it's natural to want your property to be as attractive and desirable as possible. Installing carports can help with this in multiple ways!

First of all, they're aesthetically pleasing additions that will make the outside look more modern and less dated - which is always going to increase its value.

Second, homeowners who install one are often able to sleep better knowing their vehicle is being protected from thieves; this means that should you choose not sell for another 20 years or so then there'll still be plenty of life left in them when the time does come.

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10. Create Additional Parking Space for Guests

Visitors to your home can be a headache to accommodate if you live in an urban area or somewhere with limited public parking. Installing carports is the perfect solution!

They provide plenty of room for everyone and are often used by people as guest bedrooms, meaning they'll have their own space at your home while still being close enough to everything. This also means that there's no need for them to drive around looking for street parking - it lets them stay closer so you don't need to worry about where they're going or when they may return.

11. Protection from Sun Damage

Carport covers offer valuable protection from sun damage which will help keep the vehicle inside in pristine condition over time. It also blocks out harmful UV rays which can cause paint jobs to fade and rust on metal surfaces. All in all, installing carports for your vehicle is a great investment!

What to consider when purchasing carports?

  • The size of the area where you'll be putting it
  • How many cars will need sheltering in your home?
  • Is there enough space for other necessities such as storage and workshops?

The amount that needs covered may vary depending on how much parking outside already exists. Worst case scenario, if you don't have enough room then Hunter Patios and Additions can install an attached carport which won't take up too much outdoor space at all. They're also happy to help with drawings or measurements so they know what's going into planning before arriving on site. Give them a call today - the sooner we start talking about this project, the better.


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