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The Importance of Recruitment Agency

If you can't attract the best human talent to your organization. In addition, selecting the staff is a waste of time and money. You must ask yourself if this process is a good, profitable, efficient and effective business strategy. Today you will know the importance of a recruitment agency. It can help your organization achieve excellence in hiring a high-performance work team.

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Why Is a Correct Selection Process Essential?

An effective recruitment and selection process is required. Because, it'll help reduce your organization's staff employee turnover. Likewise, it will facilitate the election of a candidate who meets the profile of the position you are offering. Likewise, that they share the same vision and values of the company. An excellent way to find these staff could be by outsourcing. Before continuing, we invite you to understand what the experts think about this technique:

When it's administered within the human resources area, an efficient process to select human talent. The company obtains important guarantees such as:

  • A fair and transparent process: The appropriate candidate is chosen, based on the merit and importance of the job. According to company policies, based on objective metrics and not subjective attitudes. Which certifies that the process is standardized and consistent for all candidates.
  • Cost and time reduction: By carrying out an adequate recruitment and selection process. The company will avoid hiring people with insufficient job performance. Also, it minimizes staff turnover, which is costly, as replacing an employee has direct costs. As time spent on selection and training. In addition, the period of inactivity in the position while looking for the replacement. Also, the low productivity of the new staff until they reach their optimum level of work.
  • Hiring high-performance human talent: An efficient selection procedure allows us to have the best talents. Who will have the skills, knowledge and emotional intelligence required by the vacant position. Also, it is possible to attract candidates who will be tailored to the corporate vision and goals of the organization.
  • Good projection of Employer Branding: Your employer brand will positively differentiate you from the competition, before your customers and employees. Expanding the possibilities of attracting the best professionals to the ranks of the company.

In Which Cases It Is Useful to Have a Recruitment Agency

1. When you need to save time and resources of your team and generate an urgent contract

The selection and recruitment of personnel involves a process that is long, complex and expensive in all its phases. Regardless of whether it's an outsized company or SMEs. For this reason, many organizations have implemented as a strategy, entrusting these activities to a recruitment and personnel selection agency.

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2. When the profile you want does not arrive with your current process

Right now there is a huge shortage of human talent. In 2018, figures of up to 67% were handled. This huge labor problem can be solved by hiring the services of a recruiting agency. Well, these organizations have the infrastructure and experience. To find candidates with the specified skills, within the current job profiles of the digital age.

When a vacancy opens, more than 70% of the people who apply for the position are not qualified. Therefore, filtering an outsized number of applicants requires time and energy. In addition, for every 3 people who are looking for work, one of them will change jobs in less than a year. Therefore, by delegating the choice to a recruitment and selection agency. These statistics, which are ultimately costly for the corporate, are avoided.

3. When you don't have the infrastructure or department as such

It should be noted that when a corporation doesn't have sufficient financial resources. Not the infrastructure of a human resources department for a selection process. Outsourcing a recruitment and selection agency is a superb alternative. Since, employment costs are reduced by spending less time checking out talents. And, it is possible to focus on other higher priority activities for the company.

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Advantages of Recruitment Agencies

The job market faces a severe talent shortage. Because of this, organizations have implemented work procedures. Where a team is established between the human resources area and a recruitment and selection agency. To recruit and select the best personnel for the company.

However, before implementing this strategy, it is convenient that you know the advantages that this implies:

  • Extensive database of candidates: Recruitment and selection outsourcing companies have the most effective databases of candidates. That they're even shortlisted certainly positions, because they need already been evaluated and interviewed.
  • Selection and recruitment in a short time: If you hire a recruitment and personnel selection agency. You won't need to wait months for high-performing human talent. Well, they apply the simplest tactics and have the resources to fill vacant positions quickly and efficiently.
  • They need experience in various business activities: Recruitment agencies have expert staff in companies with different activities. Become a business partner with an HR outsourcing company that understands your organization. In this way, it will provide you with the necessary knowledge to define the job profiles that suit your business. And, which are the candidates that have the abilities that are required.
  • They know the market and also the laws: Human resources outsourced companies are specialists within the market. They know what talents are available, where to find them, the most competitive salaries, and job development expectations. In addition, the skills that are needed to increase productivity, current legislation on labor matters, among others.

What Should Be the Next Step If I Need a Recruitment Agency?

Companies are always active in recruiting personnel. Hence, the importance of this process and of having the services of a recruitment and personnel selection agency. That it contributes to making the selection of the best human talent available in the market. In an inexpensive time and at a reasonable cost.

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Regardless of whether your company is an SME or a large corporation, a recruiting agency could help you. At Human Kapital, we understand that your company needs to attract, select and recruit high-performance human talent for your organization. Well, it employs labor procedures with experience, quality, efficiency and excellence.


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