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Is your warehouse safe? 9 Reasons to Invest in Safety Barriers

Safety is a large concern for warehouse managers. The safety of workers, the safety of products and the safety of your company's reputation are all at risk if you don't take care to provide an adequate level of protection in your warehouse. One way to protect against these risks is by investing in safety barriers.

In this blog post, Verge Safety Barriers shares 9 reasons why it might be time for you to invest in Safety barriers for your warehouse!

warehouse safety barriers

1. Protect your employees from injury

Installing safety barriers in your warehouse not only helps protect employees from injury but also provides a clear barrier that is difficult to overcome and prevents accidents when workers become entangled with large equipment or accidentally knock over objects like pallets of goods.

These precautions not only reduce employee risk but also protects property by keeping it secure while being shipped through the facility untouched by any harmful contact during transportation.

2. Prevent accidents and increase productivity

It prevents accidents and increase productivity by reducing possible damage to your warehouse property. The barrier also reduces accidents such as forklift collisions, which can be a result of not using safety barriers in the workplace.

It is clear that investing in safety barriers pays off quickly with reduced liability and increased worker efficiency. Safety Barriers are designed for versatility, so they fit any size or shape facility requirement without impacting workflow processes."

3. Improve employee morale and retention

Safety Barriers create an atmosphere of trust, stability, and security for employees that is necessary to ensure a productive, healthy work environment. In addition to enhancing the company's reputation as a good employer who takes care of their workforce, they enhance employee productivity through reduced absenteeism due to on-the-job injuries or illness. 

safety barriers for warehouse

Improving employability is an important way to increase employee retention rates. Safety Barriers can reduce injuries and worker turnover, which in turn increases the stability of the workforce while also reducing financial costs associated with frequent training for new employees.

4. Reduce lawsuits by having a safety barrier in place

To reduce the number of lawsuits, companies are investing in safety barriers. With the introduction of safety barriers, warehouse accidents and injuries can be prevented or reduced.

Accidents easily happen to people when they're not aware of their surroundings. By installing safety barriers around equipment for example - workers will have visual cues that there's danger ahead. This reduces the chance of an accident happening because someone is paying attention where they walk or work

Safety barriers also help with injury prevention by keeping individuals from coming into contact with sharp edges on machinery sets, which could cause cuts and other wounds if one weren't careful about walking near without any kind protection like a protective railing.

5. Save money on insurance premiums

Having premium insurance is a necessity for any company. Injuries can happen at any time and the costs will skyrocket due to an injury-related accident. With safety barriers, these risks are eliminated which would help reduce insurance premiums that you need to pay.

In fact, many companies have seen their annual premium decrease by up to 50% with Safety Barriers in place! 

safety barriers Australia

Insurance companies will also often offer discounts to companies with safety barriers in place. By installing safe barriers, your warehouse can save up on their insurance premiums while also protecting both themselves and their employees from potential injury or death due to falls.

6. Increase the value of your property

Safety Barriers are a great way to increase the value of your property. One thing that may be holding you back from getting an offer on your commercial building is safety concerns, and this can lead to lower offers due to higher levels of risk for investing in such property.

Safety Barriers are installed by professionals so they do not need any upkeep other than periodic inspections which will show if it's still working correctly or needs replacing with new equipment. This creates a safer environment for employees who work there as well as customers visiting, helping avoid accidents and liability claims against you!

It also helps protect the integrity of assets inside storage spaces like racking systems or containers where forklifts enter making sure nothing gets damaged while loading/unloading cargo. They also keep cars and pedestrians from entering restricted areas.

7. Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations

Having an OSHA compliant safety barriers in your warehouse means you will be able to show authorities that you adhere to the regulations.

safety barriers benefits

You are less likely to get shut down by OSHA if they conduct an inspection because it is clear that safety was a priority for your business when designing and implementing this solution.  This also helps with insurance purposes as well, since insurers typically take a dim view of companies who do not follow these guidelines- which leads them to charge higher premiums or refuse coverage altogether.

On top of all this, many customers require their suppliers meet certain safety standards before doing business with them--it's worth checking on whether any potential clients have such requirements so you can plan ahead accordingly.

8. Keep your warehouse looking attractive

Most safety barriers keep your warehouse organised and sleek. This will make it look more professional to your customers or clients - this is important if you are looking for any long-term business with them.

With safety barriers, the warehouse can be organised into zones that suit all of its uses making it easier for staff members to find items they need quickly as well as keeping stock levels low so that there's not too much wasted from overflowing storage areas. With a safety barrier in place, workers will also have an increased sense of responsibility when handling hazardous material because they know their colleagues won't come near while dangerous materials are being handled.

9. Make it easy to find lost items around the warehouse

Finding a lost item around the warehouse can be difficult. If there is a safety barrier in place, you can easily see beneath the safety barrier by looking through it. This allows employees to quickly locate missing items and know exactly where they are located on both sides of the safety barriers.

The security features offered by Verge Safety Barriers also make it easier to find lost or misplaced personal property around warehouse facilities that have implemented these systems.


With safety barriers installed in your warehouse, you can rest easy knowing that the safety of employees and product are taken care of. Get in touch with Verge Safety Barriers today for more information on how to choose the right safety barriers for your warehouse, or visit our website today!


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