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8 Security tips for your garage doors at home

To protect the private garage of your home and all the valuables that are kept in it, it is important to maintain it and also provide it with security measures and systems that protect cars and other belongings: machinery, equipment, tools and products of wide variety, which are stored in the garage and must be protected from theft and loss.

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How to extend garage doors security?

Preventive measures in the garage help protect all the valuables that are stored in that space and also minimize the risk that outsiders may gain access and enter the home with malicious intent. To maintain maximum security in the garage, it is important to take into account the following measures:

Securing garage doors and windows

To prevent thieves from entering the garage it is necessary to cover the advantages with privacy films or blinds that prevent strangers from seeing the things that are inside the garage.

In addition, it is highly recommended to place bars on the windows, as they help to make it difficult for other people's friends to enter.

In garages with side or back-to-the-house doors with interior entry, it is best to install deadbolt locks. Reinforce the hinged doors by replacing the standard screws with three inches to better penetrate the frame and better secure the garage door.

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The lights that are activated by movement in the garage doors allow to visualize the exterior of the house, including irregular situations that threaten the security of the home, since when installed they allow to observe any strange movement.

Types of garage doors and their level of security

Protecting the house by taking security measures in the garage has become a priority, as well as having security in other sectors since in the garage there are high points related to family protection, aside from the most common sorts of garages such as: private, storage rooms or shed; community parking, private and outdoor parking zone.

The garages, storage rooms or private booths are usually the safest, since these only access the cars that belong to the owners of the property where they are installed. They are usually in single-family homes and allow for a higher level of privacy, security and comfort.

Community parking is very common in apartment communities, where neighbors can have their exclusive garage position, although they have greater traffic of people, they have compliance with safety regulations, which make it very reliable and comfortable.

The parking spaces in a car park basically work like the previous ones, but without enclosures to ensure the exclusivity of the garage space, they are car parks that also have surveillance services, but since not all users are part of a community and there is higher level of risk.

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The outdoor car parks are enclosures delimited with an open-air structure and in only a few of those, the exclusive use of a square is bound to its users. Its level of security for both the car and also the users is way less than the previous ones.

8 Security systems and measures for Garage doors

Garage doors can be protected with different security measures and systems, among which the following stand out:

  1. Armored garage door is very useful for private garages as it has less car traffic, it is difficult for the door to be left open by accident and it is a really safe and advantageous type for home security.
  2. Motion sensors are more useful in closed garages, since when accessing the parking lot, it forces users to connect or disconnect them, they are generally installed under the rules of use to be met and at established times.
  3. Surveillance cameras is a super suitable system for community car parks, both for closed and open-air designs, allowing to record the movements that occur in the place and identify any risky situation to prevent or punish in case of theft and / or other crimes.
  4. Mobile alarm, are part of an anti-theft system that is installed in cars, by means of a device that remains connected to the car and is linked to a reception center for your alarm, to ensure permanent protection to its users.
  5. Vehicle locator, is a tool based on a geolocation system, which has the ability to follow the trajectory of the car's route, its fuel level and other determining data when monitoring it to protect it and protect its owners.
  6. Alarms without electricity for garages, when there is no electricity in the garage, the solution is to install this type of alarms, they have their own generators to guarantee their functionality.
  7. Profitable and advantageous safety traps and barriers to place in parking spaces in a community or open spaces, they are very easy to install and prevent people who are not users or neighbors with rights from parking in parking spaces exclusive to parking users.
  8. The license plate identifier is another very useful registration system, given its highly efficient high-end technology in community and public car parks, but they are equipment with a high cost.

How to avoid theft in your garage or parking lot?

Carelessness is a frequent cause of theft. Also, non-compliance with standards or security measures are usually causes of theft and other risky situations in garages, experts say that they can be avoided by taking into account correct and timely measures.

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Safety precautions need to be taken to protect both the doors and the automatic transmitters in the garage, as the automatic door opener has an emergency cord, which separates it from the automated system when it is obstructed or damaged, allowing open it manually.

The danger is presented when thieves try to pull a hook or wire to said cable to open the door. To prevent them from getting away with it, you need to install a metal or wooden plate in front of the cables.

Make sure there are no strangers outside before using the garage door opener from the car, as they can gain access to the garage and enter the vehicle. For more safety tips, visit our blog page at Doors 4U Garage Doors today!


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