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Rights of the wife in divorce?

When the marriage does not last forever, even if one spouse ends it, you still have obligations to the other. Therefore, it is worth knowing and analyzing in general terms what are the rights of the wife in a divorce.

This is because the law does not allow any man or woman to leave their partner without sharing the responsibility for their well-being.

Ultimately, the binding legal contract that you signed in advance has contractual conditions that you must pay attention to. Also, commonly unemployed mothers and women are vulnerable in a divorce. Against this background, state laws vary greatly. However, the decision to grant financial support is generally in the hands of a private judge.

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In any case, it is worth considering the rights of the wife in a divorce.

Although there are some pre-established in the standard, they could vary according to the case and the provisions of the court.

5 rights of the wife in a divorce

Well, all spouses have rights that are not enforceable before the law without judicial intervention. Before the court can act, the woman must sue the husband. During the divorce application the court will issue orders in favor of your interests.

For example, protection is one of the most prominent and requested rights in judicial terms. The wife can then require the court to order her husband to stay away while the divorce is pending.

Many women wonder what their rights are when a marriage is no longer possible. Faced with marital separation, resorting to divorce is a healthy way out that warrants observing the doubts present due to the separation of the marriage bond.

State laws often preserve a couple's financial status quo until they divorce. Thus they will maintain the guarantee of belonging to the marital estate, until it is eventually divided. We will delve more into the rights of a wife in a divorce in what follows.

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1. Financial support

Some states in the country have eliminated from their legislative codes the concept: “alimony”, but that does not mean that it has now ceased to exist. Today it is known as "spousal maintenance", to which the wife is entitled.

It applies in case your spouse has significantly higher income compared to hers. Also if you need time to recover financially after covering the expenses of the divorce.

It is important to know that financial support has its exceptions. For example, women who formed a long marriage are more likely to be granted this right. The opposite occurs with those who have been part of the union for a few years.

Another variable considered is financial support for rehabilitation. It is usually ordered for a limited period of time, so that the former wife can return to her activities, acquire new job skills, and optimize her income.

Alimony or long-term spousal support

Judges usually approve this right for women who have been by their husband's side in a marriage of 10 years or more. In some states of the country it is known as “permanent alimony”, a notion that lasts until a second marriage or death.

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It is common in cases where you spent much of your life raising children and currently does not have a reasonable age to learn new skills. Finally, the decision to grant the permanent pension will be in the hands of the judge in question.

2. Benefits of retirement

Even if your husband never contributed cash to your pension benefits during the marriage, in a divorce you are still entitled to an accrued share from the civil union and the day of the breakup, and they are owned by both spouses. This is key when it comes to the rights of the wife in a divorce.

It happens because pensions and retirement benefits are marital property. As well as the home where they live and other joint investments. Expert assistance is recommended to calculate the amount owed to the wife.

Obtaining benefits based on the husband's employment history secures a percentage of the deferred accounts for compensation, pensions, savings plans and individual accounts. In fact, some states provides a retirement guide created to learn about it.

3. Marital home

Did you and your husband buy a house during the marriage? If the answer is yes, they are entitled to a portion of the property, even if they did not contribute to the mortgage payment. Why? Well, it continues to be their common heritage.

Exceptions may exist if the spouse made initial payments with inherited or premarital funds. On the other hand, if you have children together and the wife has custody, it is feasible to ask the court to grant possession of the house while the divorce is pending.

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Considering the presence of the children, the court could order the exclusive possession of the home to avoid the uprooting of the children. This prevents them from moving to another place, which generally causes emotional and psychological imbalance.

Of course, this right of the wife in a divorce has its variables. It does not mean that you will get the whole house when the divorce is final. It all depends on the decision of the judge, who will decide what the participation of both is, whether the purchase document is in the name of one or the other.

4. Legal fees

Certain states in the country allow the husband to pay for a top-notch attorney or bear most of the expenses. In short, some women may be at a disadvantage versus their spouse if they cannot afford to pay for the services of a professional.

There are jurisdictions that will reserve a part of the matrimonial property for its liquidation to serve as payment. Instead, other states could order the spouse to pay both people's legal fees, when their income is significantly higher.

What is recommended in these cases is to consult a family lawyer about the legal provisions available.

5. Economic support for unemployment

We emphasize that the financial support of the spouse is not a de facto right. Receiving it will depend on the reasons for unemployment. For example, if you have never worked and have no job skills, the judge will likely order spousal support.

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It could happen that the lawyer hired by your husband asks the court to carry out a vocational evaluation to find out his abilities. This in order to know which job you will choose in the future, as well as the average income.

In conclusion, the results of the evaluation will guide the judge's decision regarding alimony after divorce. What can the wife expect? Well, most judges will want you to contribute yourself.

Do you still have doubts regarding the rights of the wife in a divorce? Request a free consultation. We want to help you.


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