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Public cloud and Private cloud Differences

The cloud storage can be implemented as immediate and future needs that you have within your company. However, understanding how services are delivered over the Internet using cloud computing is key to making the right decision before hiring any IT Solutions provider

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So far, the alternatives used for commercial purposes are the public and private cloud, and in this article we will talk a little more about each one so that you know which one best suits your needs.

Differences between public and private cloud

The two types of clouds that I will discuss below offer similar advantages, as well as reliability, profitability, performance and scaling according to what you require for the commercial development of your business.

Public cloud

The public cloud is the most common way in which Cloud computing is implemented. Here all the physical or digital assets that you use for storage management such as servers, software and other associated infrastructure are owned by a third party and managed through the Internet.

An example of a public cloud provider would be Microsoft's Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Under a public cloud environment, you share space with other "tenants" who have contracted a storage plan with the same provider. Of course, only you will access your information through a unique username and password that will have nothing to do with the rest of the users of the service.

The simplest and fastest way to access the information stored in this type of cloud is through the web browser or through its official application that can be installed on compatible computers and mobile devices.

public cloud

The main benefit of this type of cloud is the ability to securely provide and manage email accounts, Office applications online, storage for legacy users, and application development or test environments.

Other advantages are:

  • Low cost for monthly payments or fixed annuities according to the plan you want to hire. You will not have the obligation to acquire the hardware or software necessary for its implementation.
  • You do not have to worry about the costs related to the maintenance of the storage servers because your provider will take care of it.
  • Scalability is guaranteed; in the case of Dropbox it is unlimited according to the needs of your company for online storage.
  • Reliability and security that supports the storage service in the public cloud, since your data is replicated in different servers.

Private cloud

The private cloud is the form of information storage most used by information technology leaders who want to offer personalized resources. The private cloud comprises all the hardware and software resources that a company uses in the data center that it has arranged to protect its vital information.

The service as the inherent infrastructure is maintained on a private network. Only qualified personnel authorized by the same company can access for the administration and management of the information that is stored on its servers.

This type of cloud is used to a great extent by government agencies, institutions dedicated to the financial sector and any company that needs to control its essential operations.

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The main advantage that the private cloud offers is the possibility of customizing it according to the resources and specific requirements of the company in terms of managing its information.

Other advantages are:

  • It offers flexibility to the organization to meet the main and specific business needs for the management of its internal information.
  • Greater security. Resources are not shared with third parties as is the case in the public cloud, and therefore higher levels of security can be counted on for their management.
  • Guaranteed scalability at the level offered by the public cloud, emulating its effectiveness in terms of managing all its resources according to the needs of the company.

The use of a private Cloud allows companies to have a safe and reliable work environment, and enjoy all the advantages that Cloud Computing offers. If you are thinking of implementing this solution in your company, do not hesitate to contact Adept IT Solutions today!


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