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Change the motorcycle oil, how often is it advisable to check it?

Changing motorcycle oil is just as important as changing car oil. Both vehicles depend on engine gears working perfectly and proper maintenance no matter how long it takes.

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While it is true that motorcycle maintenance is cheaper and less frequent than that of a vehicle, it is just as important. The oil change is one of the most common procedures in the care of motorcycles and mopeds, so we have been interested in it so that you have the motorcycle as the first day.

How often to change the motorcycle oil?

As with other vehicles, there is no fixed stipulated time to change the oil. Motorbike experts in Singleton  recommend a constant check of the oil condition and change the engine oil every 2,000 kilometers.

Although this will depend on the use of the oil. There are motorcycles in which the oil is responsible for the lubrication of the engine, transmission and clutch. It is in this type of motorcycle that you will have to change the oil every few kilometers. If you have a motorcycle where the oil only lubricates the engine, you can change the lubricant every 5,000 kilometers.

Each manufacturer specifies the recommended time to change the motorcycle oil, so you must first check it before proceeding with the replacement.

How to change the motorcycle oil?

As a general rule, when changing motorcycle oil, it is recommended that the vehicle's engine be warm, since performing this task will remove all the impurities contained in the lubricant that is currently in it.

The oil tank is in the engine itself, so you will have to access it as a first step. Once you find it, you must locate the drain plug and the fill plug, since they are two important elements when changing the motorcycle's oil.

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You will find a dipstick next to the filler cap, since it is recommended that you check the level of the oil tank first. If it is within the recommended minimum and maximum limits, the motorcycle oil change can wait.

Once you have everything under control, it is time to proceed to change the motorcycle oil. To do this, you will have to remove both plugs, remove the oil filter and place a tray in the drain, in the lower area of the motorcycle. Be careful because the oil will be hot, so avoid getting it on your hand.

When the oil has finished coming out of the tank, you will have to reassemble the filter. It can be the same as it was or take advantage of the oil change to change the filter, although it may not need it. Check its status first.

To reassemble the filter, it is recommended to wet the gasket before screwing it into place and close the drain plug to proceed with adding the new oil. Use the dipstick to control the exact amount of oil that you add and thus not exceed the recommended maximum.

Once you have finished adding the oil, start the engine so that the oil level is adjusted by the operation of the motorcycle itself. Recheck the level with the dipstick and finish filling the tank before putting the fill cap on, checking that there is no leak.

You can take advantage of the fact that you are checking the condition of your vehicle to tighten the chain of the motorcycle and check the other elements of the engine, ensuring that everything is in perfect condition.

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Does motorcycle oil expire?

The excess oil can be saved for the next time you need to change the motorcycle oil. However, remember that even if the expiration date of motor oil is not indicated as such, it is not advisable to use an oil that has been open for many years. It loses quite a few properties and the performance of the engine would suffer.

Avoid using a motor oil that you have had in your home for a long time and use one that you know will give you the best results.

Although we have given you the keys and tips to proceed with the motorcycle oil change, it will be the professionals of the motor world who can best advise you on the state of the oil in your motorcycle. Although it is not a complicated task, they will be able to tell you which is the best oil for your motorcycle and they will be able to carry out the service in addition to a vehicle inspection.

We recommend you visit Singleton Bike Shop when possible so that their experts can review your motorcycle and advise you on when to change the motorcycle's tires and can tell you whether or not you need an oil change.


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