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Tips for a quick and easy move

Today, 14% of contracts already imply mobility and it is an upward trend, since compared to 2019 it already represents an increase of almost 7%. It seems that companies are finding the solution to fill vacancies in other cities and provinces, while the Australians have become aware that they must move.

What should I do before a move?

These data indicate that removals for work reasons are increasing. Until recently, removals were carried out in the same city, involving a move from home or a workplace, but now more and more Australians change their place of residence and need a company that can move the amount of volume that involves moving house. 

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There are a number of very important tips when making a move. The first of all is to plan it. There are those who choose to make the move on their own, renting the transport and summoning friends, but when you are going to move to a more distant city, or to another province, this is not the most advisable thing to do.

The best thing is to hire a company that can help you with everything and that has high-capacity vehicles. An example of this type of company is RBR Moving, a leading removal company in Newcastle. The company has a wide fleet of vehicles.

Tips to organize a move

When you hire a moving company, it is usual for a person to come to your house and take a look at everything that has to be moved. Normally they are in charge of packing and disassembling (for later assembly) of the furniture, protecting the most fragile objects and taking care of loading the truck.

In that previous meeting with the company, you must specify very well how it is going to be organized and you can see in which part of the move you can help. Many moving companies charge many times by the hour, so if you can pack and pick things up yourself, the time invested by the company will be less and you will save money. 

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It is better to do things early and not overnight. If you do it like this, you will be able to see everything you have and get rid of what you don't need. Take the opportunity to throw away old things and so you will start your new life in your new home with less junk and much happier.

Gather all the things you may need: sturdy plastic sacks or garbage bags, cardboard boxes (moving companies can provide their moving boxes), newspaper to protect fragile things, tape or tape to close the packages, scissors and a thick marker to put what goes in each box. The latter is going to help enormously to organize things when you have to order it in your new destination. When you finish packing everything you realize the enormous amount of things that we have in a house, that is why it is so advisable to throw away junk and mark very well what each box or bag contains.

Prepare your new home

Once everything is ready for the moving company to pick everything up at your old house, you should think about everything you have to do in your new home. When you are picking up your old house, you should think about the essential things for a first day in your new house: sheets, pajamas, toilet paper, changes, clothes, gels and soaps, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. Take into account everything you need for the whole family.

Remember to pack a minimum of utensils for the first day and consume as much food as possible from the freezer or refrigerator, because you will have to turn it off 24 hours before. Keep dirty laundry to a minimum. 

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In your new house, take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning, install parquet if necessary ... all those things that, with furniture, will be difficult for you. Also coordinate with someone to come clean your old house after the move.

When the move arrives, start with the assembly of the beds, install the washing machine and / or the dryer and plan the unpacking starting with the room that is used the most, placing the essentials, and then doing the same with the rest of the rooms.

With these tips and a good moving company, something as cumbersome as a move is more convenient and easier. Contact us today!


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