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Like everything in life, what is cared for lasts longer. This great truth applies to almost any area that comes to mind: health, friendships and ... also the bicycle. This very grateful means of transport –for its low cost, its respect for the environment and its benefits on a physical level– deserves a little pampering from time to time. Do you know what are the actions you must carry out to properly maintain your bike? Do you know what the necessary products are? From Stead Cycles we have made a selection of the essential tips to reduce the risk that its components rust, break or stop working, endangering your integrity and that of your bicycle.

bike maintenance

1. Clean it regularly

Showers are always appreciated, even if you're not human. You may think that if you have not taken the bike through the countryside or the mountains it is impossible that it is stained, but you should know that the smoke from city cars and the urban atmosphere in general is also dirty. A bucket, a sponge, a soft brush, soap and water are enough for you. Do not forget how important clean the frame and wheels as is the rinsing and the drying. Humidity is a very bad advisor for our two-wheeler friends; Keep this in mind especially in the winter months if you park it outdoors, as frost can freeze the elements of your bike.

2. Grease it from time to time

To start, get a degreaser and one lubricating oil. Rust, dirt and dust are the worst enemies of the dishes, the chain and the sprockets on your bike. Likewise, the friction between the parts also increases wear if they are not well lubricated. Greasing the bicycle is not complicated nor does it involve disassembling it, so if you can, do it once or twice a month if you use the bicycle regularly.

3. Check the tire pressure

If you cycle daily, try to do it at least a couple of times a month. A bike with inadequate pressure loses braking and grip, as well as contributing to tire and tire wear. If possible, do not inflate them guided by your intuition, but according to the terrain on which you are going to circulate and your weight. The most comfortable inflation pumps are standing pumps.

bike maintenance tips

4. Check that the screws are tight

With time and use, the screws can loosen and can give you a scare (sometimes very dangerous) if they don't have the necessary pressure. The same thing happens with the closures of the two wheels. Therefore, check regularly that the screws are tight.

5. Examine your safety

A bike fresh from the factory has passed all the necessary controls and standards to be ready for use, but it is not the case of those that we buy from other people or those that we have been using for a while. In this activity you can feel like a mechanic: put the bike upside down to make the inspection easier. Move the pedals to check that the chain links follow their path without incident, stand in front of the wheels and turn them to see if they do it in line and without deviations, check that the tires are not punctured or cracked by inflating them and activate the brakes to see how they react (cables and brake shoes must be in perfect condition to ensure they will respond when you brake).

You may also like to read some of our helpful information about bikes here.

This is the most basic procedure for the periodic care and maintenance of your bike. However, there are other protocols to do it even more comprehensively. And how does one take care of your bike? Would you add any recommendations?


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