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Plumber Tips and tricks for unclogging pipes at home

Clogged pipes are a very common problem in any home; Believe it or not, you pour a large amount of waste into the drains of your house that solidifies inside the pipes and ends up clogging them; That is why it is necessary to know how to unclog the pipes to keep the plumbing in our house in perfect condition. If the plumbing malfunctions are not serious, you may not need to contact a nearby professional plumber. In this post we explain how to unblock the pipes and prevent them from clogging again easily.

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Why is there a blockage in the pipes?

Plugged pipes and other plumbing failures can occur for several reasons:

  • Bad installation of pipes.
  • Deterioration of the plumbing due to the passage of time.
  • Soap, lime and other residues.
  • Pouring food down the sink.
  • Accumulation of hair, gel or shampoo residues in showers and sinks.
  • Invasion of roots in the pipes in gardens or patios.

Any of these problems can be a real nuisance; the correct maintenance of the plumbing of a home is fundamental for the well-being in a home. That is why if you detect any problem with the pipes in your home, we recommend that you contact a professional plumber who can correctly diagnose the problem.

Tips to avoid clogged pipes

If your home is already a few years old, we recommend that you do a review of all the plumbing to make sure that everything works correctly and to prevent problems such as those mentioned. In general, there are some tips you can follow to avoid clogging your pipes and keep them looking good for years.

  • Install protective grates on drains; both in the bathroom sink and in the bathtub and shower; as well as in the kitchen sink. Through the grids you get the largest solid remains; such as hair or food remains end up accumulating inside the siphon or pipes. You just have to remove the grates and clean them when you see that they accumulate dirt or debris.
  • When you put the dishwasher make sure to rinse the dishes well before putting them in. Removing any remaining food helps both the dishwasher filter and the pipes stay clean for much longer. You will also avoid bad odors that sometimes arise from the accumulation of remains in the filter; which you should also clean from time to time.
  • Don't pour oil down the sink; It is better to keep the oil that is no longer useful in a carafe and take it to a clean point when it is full. Not only is it bad for the environment; oil tends to solidify inside pipes and forms a paste that easily clogs the sink siphon.
  • Avoid flushing toilet paper and especially wet wipes down the toilet; It is one of the main causes of pipe clogs. Even in the general public sewer network, large obstructions formed by remains of toilet paper and wipes that have been disposed of by the toilet have been found.

How to unclog the pipes?

There are several methods to unblock the pipes; commercial and homemade. However, if you think that the jam may be serious, it is better that you contact a professional plumber who will be in charge of evaluating the problem and solving it.

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If it is a slight traffic jam; In other words, the drain does not drain the water as fast as it should, you can follow these steps:

  • Locate the siphon canister and open it. This is usually a small circular chrome lid in the bathroom. All the bathroom pipes converge in the siphon pot; both those in the bathtub or shower as well as in the sink. When you open it you will see the water flow through it; all you have to do is remove the accumulated dirt with the help of gloves and a plastic bag.
  • If the problem is exclusively in the sink or sink, you should check the siphon. To do this, you just have to put a bucket under the threaded cap at the bottom and unscrew it. Try to remove as much dirt as you can by hand or with the help of a plumber's guide.
  • If this does not solve the problem, you can try a commercial plunger product. When you use these plunger products, read the manufacturer's instructions very well; both the instructions for use and the health precautions; They are usually very aggressive products so it is better to use them with care.
  • You can also opt for homemade solutions such as pouring hot water down the drains, baking soda and vinegar, Coke or coffee grounds. All of these methods work to unclog pipes; but only if the traffic jam is not very serious; If not, we recommend that you have the services of a professional plumber.

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If you have any kind of problem with the plumbing in your home; like clogged pipes; you can count on our urgent plumbers 24 hours. Contact Green Planet Plumbing today!


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