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6 Common mistakes to avoid in your web design

Having a corporate website, with quality content and a good design, can make the difference in achieving the desired commercial success, both on and off the Internet. The web design is updated every day, and it is convenient to be aware of the latest news to offer a perfect website for your business. However, many times, certain content is sought, or the client insists on the presence of a specific element that ruins the design or usability of the page.

To avoid this, you must have clear some ideas so as not to make mistakes in the design of your website that could harm your brand image or your business. We know that it's difficult, that creating a decent website for your company requires tons of work and specialized knowledge, so it's best that you just delegate a professional, an expert web designer to properly order each of the elements so that they are perfect harmony.

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With the intervention of professionals there should be no mistakes, but it is always good that you as a freelancer or small businessman have a minimum notion of what should not be done when designing or redesigning your website.

Good web design is essential for your brand

Think for a moment about a web page that you have seen that has an attractive design. It encourages you to keep looking and knowing the brand, but, on the contrary, if the page is old and with an unattractive design, you just want to close it and look for another. Herein lies the importance of web design.

Despite the essentials of the design, not everything is aesthetic, and it is convenient to have professionals to optimize the content and ensure that everything will be in its place. It is essential that the web is well structured, especially if you would like to position it in search engines through SEO services. It is the showcase of the brand, and it's to be perfect.

Some mistakes that you should not make when creating your website

1. Too much worthless content

Once you have decided to create your website, it is very common that you want to put absolutely everything, something that is a mistake. You have to leave a bit of mystery so that the user decides to call or send an email asking for more information. On a website, you need to put what's really important and relevant. It is done.

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2. Poor quality images

Another mistake that is more frequent than you might think is the use of blurred or poor quality images. The maxim is that if you do not have the option of taking a professional or good quality photo, it is always better to use an image bank. It is more advisable to opt for professional images, even if they are not yours, than to introduce blurry or mobile photos in any way. The only thing that is achieved this way is to give a very negative image of your business.

3. Do not be guided by the designer

It is quite common that, when making a website, the client wants to mention exactly how he wants the page. Of course it is a job that must be done between professional and client. It is advisable to convey what's needed, but the designer should be the one who knows the way to perform that concept. And you've got to let him work, and accept his proposals and suggestions for the website.

You may also visit our Q&A page for additional information.

4. Focus only on the design

A website is not only the aesthetic aspect, and this is undoubtedly one of the great mistakes that are often made. A website is a combination of quality content and good looks. If you have good content but you don't give it the proper format, the same will happen as if you only focus on aesthetics: the web will be lame, incomplete, and will not fulfill its function.

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5. Inappropriate fonts

Nor should you get carried away by wanting to use fonts that are beautiful but that are not practical because they are illegible or unclear. In web design, what prevails is pragmatism and value. If a message or text cannot be read well, it is useless, so do not get carried away by a typeface that you like, assess whether it is the most appropriate or let the professional designer advise you.

6. Incorrect use of paragraphs and blank spaces

Don't turn your website into a series of texts that nobody is going to read. In web pages, less is more, try to summarize the information and structure the paragraphs well, differentiating them and using the white spaces appropriately. If a user enters your website and also the first thing they see could be a long and monotonous text, they're going to leave instantly.

Have you taken good note not to make these mistakes? The design of your website is an important step for your business, so you should leave it in the hands of professionals. Taking these tips into account you will be able to achieve an optimal result in the design of your online site. From JezNorthWeb we can help you with the whole process, designing a website without errors, optimized for search engines and with expert designers who will guide you continuously. You just have to contact us!


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