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The benefits of renovating a bathroom

Sometimes there comes a time when we get tired of the design and decoration of any room in our house and therefore we decide to make renovation. Renovation that give a new look to the house and thus feel better. One of the rooms that are most frequently renovated are the bathrooms. You have to know that renovating a bathroom is not something extremely complicated, although it is not a piece of cake either. 

bathroom renovation

Despite not being an expert, if you are clear about the steps to follow, you can renovate a bathroom yourself. To do this you have to take into account several important aspects such as lighting to know what materials and colors to use, the space when choosing the furniture, the general appearance you want it to have ...

What are the advantages for which it is worthwhile to renovate a bathroom?

There are many benefits that make people consider starting a renovation of their bathroom despite the fact that it involves an economic investment to take into account. A complete bathroom renovation is not the same as a small section. In both cases the economic investment will be very different. 

Depending on what you want to achieve, it will be necessary to start a work or it will be enough to replace some toilets and four other things. What is clear is that to be worth the investment, renovation must be well planned and done. On the contrary, if you want to renovate a bathroom without works, the change will not be so good.

When undertaking the renovation of a bathroom we look for benefits of different types:


One of the main reasons that lead us to make renovation in our bathroom is to fix or improve some practical-functional aspect of it. Sometimes, either due to deterioration or because it came from the factory like that, the bathroom has a defect that must be alleviated by doing work. This is really one of the most important reasons why it is worth renovating a bathroom. What good is a very nice and well decorated bathroom if the shower is blocked or cannot be used due to some other functional problem?

renovate a bathroom

Improve the distribution of space

With a good redistribution of space impressive results can be obtained. If we know how to take advantage of the spaces in the room correctly we can achieve a feeling of spaciousness that makes us feel much more comfortable. Sometimes, no matter how much tetris we do, the feeling of spaciousness will not improve much, if the space is already too small. In these cases, what could be done if it is feasible is an extension of the bathroom.


Not always the problem of our bathroom will be a functional one, sometimes it simply needs a look change. If we have decided to apply a specific style to our house, the bathroom also has its turn.

There are many ways to renovate a bathroom, but the first thing we have to think about is the style we want for our bathroom. Do we want a modern style? Or do we opt for a rather minimalist style? From there we will decide what colors we want to structure the whole of our bathroom, how to configure the lighting in our bathroom, the furniture and toilets and also the material of the floor and walls.

Aspects to consider when renovating a bathroom

When starting a bathroom renovation, it is important to know roughly what we are looking for and then fine-tune it. If you have doubts about how to approach the renovation of your bathroom, what possibilities in decoration styles you have, etc. you can go to our blog section where there are many articles that will guide you when choosing the style to apply.

renovating a bathroom

What style do we want to apply?

There are two styles that tend to look great in any bathroom, they are the minimalist style and the modern style.

  • Minimalist style: it basically consists of “don’t complicate your life”. The minimalist style is an austere style where functionality predominates. The aesthetics are not neglected for this reason, but it is a simple decoration without forced bombast. It is a style that goes well with our pockets, since the less there is, the better. If we want to make a functional renovation without spending a lot of money, this style is the most appropriate.
  • Modern style: here there is more play when it comes to choosing the type of furniture, materials and colors. The modern style is not 100% defined since it is changing according to the fashion of the moment.

Light or dark colors?

The color scheme is one of the points to consider before renovating a bathroom. There are several options:

  • Light colors. This type of color is interesting for bathrooms where the lighting is poor, since in this way the lack of light will be counteracted a bit. The use of light colors to renovate a small bathroom is also interesting as they contribute to giving a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Dark colors. This type of coloring gives very good results if it is properly combined with light tones. But it is only recommended if we control the lighting. We have to have very good lighting to dare to make our renovation with dark colors.

The importance of lighting

bathroom renovation benefits

There are people who are more photophilous and others are more photophobic, which is a point to take into account as well, since at the end of the day who will mainly enjoy the bathroom renovation is who lives in the house. This can help us decide in case of doubt but nevertheless in general it is important that there is acceptable lighting.

  • Favor the entry of natural light. Sometimes this is not easy or possible due to the layout of the house. But if possible, it is a good idea to start the renovation by expanding or creating a window in a place where our bathroom lights up as God intended. Do not place decorative elements on the window in order to prevent light from entering the room.
  • Windows with translucent glass. Opaque glasses make it difficult for light to pass through. It is true that sometimes it makes sense to use them to prevent them from looking at you from the outside but if we want natural lighting we have to put windows with glass that allow the light to pass through. We must try to place them in places where there is no problem of being seen from the outside, but if it is not possible then better to opt for good artificial lighting. To obtain good lighting, white light is much better than yellow light, although as always to the consumer's taste.

Following these guidelines, the renovation of your bathroom can be very good, but it is understandable that not everyone is a handyman and we do not have experience in renovations. For this reason, it is sometimes preferable to commission this work to professionals and make sure that the work is done well. 

If this is the case, we recommend Complete Shower Seal, professionals in bathroom renovations and all kinds of rooms in the home where in addition to asking for a budget, you can ask for advice.


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