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The importance of having a professional install an air conditioner

If you just bought an air conditioner, you may be tempted to install it yourself. After all, just follow the manual and one of the many tutorials that we find on the Internet. This way we will save a few currencies.

We really do not recommend it. Installing an air conditioning unit (especially one with the quality guaranteed by Mitsubishi Electric) is not an easy task and, although it may seem like it, it is not available to people without specific training in this field. Today we want to explain to you why it is important that you entrust this work to a licensed professional.

air conditioning installer

Do-it-yourself can be expensive

Installing the air unit on your own is more complicated than it sounds in the first place. Installation requires the utilization of specific tools and techniques. Among them, drill holes in the wall of the house in order to connect the outdoor unit. You have to know how to splice pipes and cables without errors and, above all, it is important to do it safely and fully understand what we are doing. Even if you consider yourself a skilled person at DIY, it is very likely that you will find that the project ends up turning into a nightmare.

And that's not the worst. It is very easy to make mistakes and, therefore, cause major breakdowns that end up involving a much higher outlay than the cost of professional installation. Faults such as:

  • Leaks in the refrigerant circuit. A vital element of the HVAC unit. Its proper functioning is key for the appliance to cool or, where appropriate, heat perfectly. Leaks require circuit repair, refrigerant recharging and, in some cases, higher-cost repairs.
  • Failures in electrical systems. The connection of the different elements also has its complexity. An error in this step can lead us, in the worst case, to have to replace the entire equipment. Not to mention that performing an electrical installation without being qualified is dangerous.
  • High pressure pipe. As we have already told you, the air conditioning circuit is not simple and includes some vital parts that withstand very high pressures. Installing them without knowledge can not only be expensive. Above all, it can be the cause of major accidents.
  • Drain. Water drainage is essential and, again, a bad installation can cause dampness in your home or the adjacent ones, with the consequent expense in repairs.

In addition to all of this, there are 3 additional very important reasons to call in an installation professional:

  • The first is that the installer knows better than anyone where to place the internal and external drives for the best result. On the contrary, if you are confident in your abilities, you will probably find yourself functioning poorly.
  • The second is related to the cost of maintenance. It is important to remember that the air conditioner has a high electrical consumption. A professional installer knows how to adjust it so that it works with maximum efficiency, that is, with the best result and lowest consumption. A poor installation can be noticed, and a lot, in the energy bill.
  • The third has to do with legal and environmental issues. It is very possible that your HVAC unit contains refrigerant based on chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are harmful to the ozone layer. Only a professional has the training and equipment necessary to recover and, where appropriate, recycle the refrigerant. If we do it or someone who is not trained, we run the risk of polluting the atmosphere.

air conditioning installation
Some tips for your comfort and safety

If you have decided to install air conditioning in your home (either simple or with a heat pump), it is worth spending some time planning the purchase. It is, after all, about your money. And the best thing is to make every penny profitable. Here are some tips:

  • Choose trusted brands. Mitsubishi Electric equipment has proven its efficiency in all areas, both domestic and industrial cold. Saving by choosing unreliable brands is - we assure you - a mistake.
  • Ask your dealer for advice. The choice of air conditioning units is directly related to the characteristics of the space where you want to install them. If we choose the wrong equipment, we will pay it in a shorter duration of the unit or an inappropriate price. Therefore, your air conditioning distributor will present you with the appropriate equipment for your needs.
  • Ask for various installation estimates. In your area you will find various installers. If you're not sure about it, ask your dealer for advice, who usually have an installation service or meet trusted installers. If you prefer to find it on your own, ask for 2 or 3 estimates. But…
  • Run away from the bargains! It is tempting to turn to your "handyman" friend, who will do the job for you at a low cost. But let's face it: the "handyman" is perfect for fixing a tap, changing a plug, fixing a clog in the drain ... Installing air conditioning is a very different and enormously complex matter. Willingness is not enough and it is not a good idea to download the installation manual from the Internet. If they ask you for less for the installation, at least be suspicious.

And above all, make sure that the installer has the required legal qualifications. An installer must have followed specific courses for the assembly and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation-extraction installations.

Hogan Hot Water and Air can guarantee that, if you follow these tips, in a very short time you will be able to make your space more comfortable, at the exact price for the characteristics of the home or premises and, most importantly, with all the guarantees so that the installation works perfectly, optimizing the maximum consumption and to the satisfaction of all.


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