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7 benefits of using flyers in your communication strategy

At a time when the permanence of paper is questioned and the Internet invades everything, it is logical that when opening the mailbox and finding ourselves with a barrage of nonsensical catalogs we wonder how in the middle of the digital age we can continue to consume such quantity of advertising brochures

However, when we enter a bar and see a flyer with an iconic and avant-garde aesthetic announcing the next concert or we go to a fair or event and we see a risky and impressive design, we cannot help but take it and even use it as a decoration element or piece museum in our scrapbook. What has worked in one case and failed in another? Why in one situation the same object causes us rejection and in another, admiration or interest?


It is as simple as proactively implementing a good communication strategy. The flyer continues to be a very powerful promotional tool and an excellent marketing strategy as long as it is part of a global communication plan, clear objectives are set and the appropriate tools are used. In the second scenario, not only has the message, the design and the use of the materials been taken care of, but also the purpose, the target audience and, above all, the strategic place where it is going to be taken into account at all times. distribute that publicity. But what is it about these leaflets that has allowed them to survive the digital revolution and the audiovisual environment? Here is a brief compilation of the seven main advantages of using advertising brochures.

1. Versatile

The flyers are adapted to any type of industry and organization. Its flexibility and easy design mean that they can be used both in the promotion of public services and in corporate uses, brand image, offers and professional services. Company like Jennings print specializing in the design and production of flyers can be a great ally when it comes to finding the right corporate pantone or the support that best suits the image we want to convey.

2. Manageable

The size of a flyer is the DIN A6 format of a brochure, that is, the equivalent of one eighth of a page. This feature makes it very manageable for the reader who can easily keep it and consult it whenever he wants without the need for computer support. In fact, in certain environments, such as electronic music, it has become a true cult object. Its urban designs and the use of an iconic typeface have made these flyers become part of "club culture" and modernity. 

promotional flyers

3. Glocal

As we said in previous lines, it is very important to think about the global marketing strategy in which the use of the flyer will be framed. If we want to get the most out of this tool, for example to use it at different international fairs or for mass mailing, perhaps a good strategy is to include a bilingual text or images that can adapt to the imagination of any place. A good creative will be able to create that visual and conceptual mixture that imprints that "glocal" character on our flyer.

4. Economic

Its adaptability and low production cost make it one of the most competitive promotional tools. Faced with the costs of advertising on the Internet or through audiovisual media, the promotional brochure allows us to carry out direct advertising to a target with very interesting conversion ratios. Although they are intended as a type of ephemeral advertising, if we also print them in an impressive design and support, the durability of the message can remain in the collective mind for a long time.

5. Informative

Due to its small size and the need to quickly capture the reader's attention, the flyer forces us to condense the message and think about the strong and relevant points of our product or service. This makes the message much more effective and the consumer reaction is more targeted. If we add a QR code to the brochure, we can lead the user to our corporate website or directly to a promotion and measure the result of our campaign. 


6. Easy and fast to produce

Company like Jennings Print specialized in professional flyer printing have different services adapted to the needs of each professional profile: graphic designer, event organizer, marketing director, professional or individual. If our company is faced with the challenge of an imminent product launch or is on the eve of an industry fair, this type of catalog can be a great solution, as large volumes can be produced quickly and easily. 

7. Measurable

One of the keys to any promotional marketing action is the measurement of results. Only if the campaigns are measurable can they provide insights that can be used later to analyze the profile, habits and preferences of our audience. The flexibility of flyers today allows us to connect them to new technologies through QR codes that allow the user to download discount coupons online or response forms. 

promotional brochures

If you think of giving a boost to your business after the holidays, do not hesitate to value, among the different sales actions, the use of promotional brochures. Far from being a traditional communication medium, the new generations have known how to give the flyer a second life, placing it among one of the favorite media when it comes to consuming information. The key is to apply the tools we have well and put ourselves in the hands of an expert when carrying out the design and printing.

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