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10 tips for placing your decorative vinyl’s

Do you want to put your baby's name or decorate the walls of his room with his favorite characters? Do you want to give your fridge a more personal and fun touch? Are you thinking of putting a funny or inspiring phrase in your living room? The solution for all these decorative problems is the use of vinyl’s, since they are usually easy to place and, when we get tired of them or want to change the style, we will only have to take them off the wall.

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At Big Colour, an online printing company where our target audience is people on the street and you have your order within 48 to 72 hours, we take care of making fully customized vinyl’s for home and office decoration at outrageous prices and with an excellent quality and, as we are specialists in this type of material, we are going to give you 10 tips so that your decorative vinyl is perfect.

Before starting:

We must make sure that the surface where we are going to place our vinyl is clean, smooth, has no imperfections and is not porous, as this could cause it to not fit well or the material to adhere well to the wall.

Once we have made sure that everything previously mentioned about the place where we are going to place our decorative vinyl is correctly, we are going to get to work.


  • Spread the vinyl. When we receive the material, it is usually rolled up to take up less space, so at Big Colour, we recommend that our customers spread it out on a smooth surface for a few days to make it easier to install.
  • Smooth the sticker. Ironing the decorative vinyl with a credit card or a specialized spatula for this type of material that you can find in any paint or decoration store will help us to eliminate the wrinkles of the carrier paper and fix the adhesive to it. When doing this, we will remove any air or bubbles that may have occurred when being rolled up. It is important to expel the air from the inside to the outside.
  • Cut out the parts. In the case that there are several drawings or words, it is advisable to cut the adhesive in parts to facilitate its placement. When cutting the sticker, we must leave between one and two centimeters from where to finish the vinyl. This will help us to stretch the plastic while we are placing the sticker.
  • Do a test before placing it permanently? Place a little painter's tape on the back of the vinyl and go placing it on the surface to your liking, walk away to see how it looks, observe it for a while to see if it convinces you and if not, make changes until you like the result before putting it final.
  • Secure your vinyl so that it doesn't move out of position. On top of the vinyl, place painter's tape to verify where we are going to put it. This should be put at the ends and, if the adhesive is large, double tape.
  • Making a fold at the top, without actually folding the vinyl, will help us when we start to place it.
  • Remove the carrier paper from top to bottom. When removing the paper, stretch the sticker towards you, your fingers should be touching the wall. While we are removing the protective plastic, we are smoothing and gluing the vinyl from top to bottom. The best thing to do is to take off the transporting paper and then stick it on the surface, remove a little more and place it and so on, checking that it stays properly. Once we have it on, we remove the painter's tape.
  • The surface must be clean and dry. Do not apply the sticker if the paint on your wall is damp, as the vinyl will lose the adhesive and it will not do you any good.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations, since each house knows its products better. We speak on behalf of our own.
  • Finally, do not place your vinyl’s near heat sources, as they could deform.

We remind you that in Big Colour you will not only get your decorative vinyl at the best price and totally personalized, but we are also one of the Australian large printers online that sends your products faster, in a period of between 48 and 72 hours you will have your order at home.

In addition, we are not only dedicated to the world of vinyl, we also do photo printing on rigid materials, canvas, signage, vehicle wrapping and more ... Take a look here!


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