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How to tile your bathroom? Tips & Tricks

Do you want to tile your bathroom but don't have any idea where to start? Do you need each of the steps to follow in order to do a good job? We are going to tell you how to do it in the best way so that the result is excellent.

You are trained to tile your bathroom, you do not want to look for a professional tiler and you prefer to save a little money and embark on this new task for you. We tell you:

bathroom tiling

The first thing is to be clear about the type of tile that we want for our bathroom, there are many kinds and different finishes on the market. Select the most appropriate for the type of bathroom you are looking for and that is in line with the overall style of your home. Bet on something safe and discreet, that will last over the years, a design that you won't get tired of quickly.

Think carefully about the meters that we will have to cover and add 10%, we may make mistakes and it is always better that we do not lack raw material.

Steps to follow when tiling your bathroom

1. Prepare the work area. Cover the floor with plastic or cardboard.

Prepare your bathroom well, cover the floor with plastic or cardboard, the better we do it, the less we will have to clean later. Once everything is lined, we can start preparing the glue cement with which we are going to adhere the tiles to our walls.

2. Prepare the glue cement in a bucket and mix it well with a rod.

We will have to follow the steps and quantities indicated by the product and the manufacturer. We mix everything well in a bucket with a rod to mix all the product well. We let the whole mixture rest.

3. Fix some slats to support the pieces on them and make them straight.

We will fix some wooden slats to support ourselves and mark the level of the pieces.

4. Apply the product evenly on the wall.

We can then start applying the product on the wall and combing it. We will have to protect our hands with gloves to have greater safety when handling this type of product. With the mason trowel we will apply the substance evenly and comb with a notched trowel.

5. Go placing the pieces and hitting them with a mallet so that they are well seated.

We begin to place the first row of tiles; we will use spacers in each piece. Once placed we hit with the rubber mallet to seat them well in the correct position.

We may need to cut some tile when we get to the end of the row. We take measurements and we cut the pieces that we need.

We are gradually covering the walls of our bathroom. Do not forget to put cross braces separating each of the pieces, in this way each joint will be identical to the rest.

bathroom tiling

In the pieces that are necessary we will make holes for the water intakes. We will place the tiles on a martyr and with a drill and crown saw we will make the hole.

6. Prepare grout and apply it all over the laid surface.

We will prepare the grout to apply it with a rubber trowel over the entire placed surface. Later we will remove the remains.

Finally, we will have to remove cardboard and plastics, clean the surface, vacuum up debris and admire the work done!

Now you know the steps to follow to make a good tiling in your bathroom, perhaps you have backed down and are thinking of contacting the best tiler in your area.


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