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Protect your facilities with our enclosures and fences

At Fencing Specialist, we want to be present in people's lives to make it much easier and guarantee their protection, but we will never do it in an intrusive way. Our products are integrated into roads, railways or urban areas in such a way that, although we do not make direct use of them, they are latently around us, guaranteeing our safety.

Acoustic screens, parapets, railway equipment… We have told you a lot about them on our blog; In today's article we will talk about enclosures and fences, and their applications to protect people in different areas

security fences

Types of fences

Metal fence

At Fencing Specialist, we design, manufacture and install metal fences that serve to close any type of space. In addition, all metal enclosures undergo an anti-corrosion treatment either hot galvanized or thermo-lacquered, processes that ensure the good condition of the product over time and against inclement weather.

Vandal fence

As its name indicates, these types of fences are used to close areas where there may be some type of conflict or security breach, and access must be limited, especially at night, guaranteeing the protection of both people and the premises.

The vandal fences are usually formed by a metallic module electrowelded type or deployed at its top, and profiled sheet at its bottom. Any other design provided by the customer can also be manufactured. Our team of engineers will be in charge of carrying out the necessary structural calculations to guarantee its functionality and robustness.

Electrowelded fence

We manufacture a wide range of mesh models: smooth, folded, square, rectangular, galvanized, thermo-lacquered ... It is a product that has so many options that it is easily adaptable to any environment.

electrowelded fence

It consists of the following elements:

  • Electrowelded mesh in superimposed wire panels and welded together.
  • Round, square or rectangular tube metal posts.
  • Fixing elements: tamper-proof screws, union clamps, self-adjusting covers, and other fastening parts depending on the model.

Applications of our enclosures and fences

The installation of enclosures and fences is an element to consider in some areas that we will now detail. In all of them we benefit from the security and orderly qualities of the different separation spaces.

Fences for the industrial field

In industries we find areas that are especially dangerous for people, or that require special protection for the goods they keep. For this reason, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution with security fences that delimit its perimeter and channel its access through the points defined at the scheduled times.

We have many types of fencing for the industrial field, as an example, we list the following.

  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Pedestrian fence
  • Column protection fence

Enclosures and fences for the educational field

More and more university campuses decide to install an enclosure that surrounds the entire perimeter in order to delimit the accesses to the campus, guaranteeing the safety of students and teachers. In addition, it is also useful as an anti-vandalism fence, since it makes it impossible to enter the enclosure at night.

safety fences

Enclosures and fences for urbanizations

Installing fences in some urban environments is essential, either to guarantee the privacy and security of the tenants, or to face the acoustic problems in the area. In this case, the fencing can be made up of acoustic screens.

In this sense, acoustic barriers, in addition to serving to absorb noise from cars, the bustle of people ... They also guarantee privacy and offer an aesthetic image to the urbanization.

At Fencing Specialist, we have a wide variety of acoustic screens also designed to be installed as fences in urbanizations. Methacrylate screens, acoustic panels of wood or metal are the most demanded by its functionality and adaptability to the environment.

Enclosures and fences for the railway sector

We have a wide range of railway equipment, and in this post we highlight the fences and enclosures for railway areas:

Fences types

In order to guarantee safety at crossing points in railway infrastructures, at Fencing Specialist, we have a complete range of specialized safety systems that comply with the quality standards set by the network administrator.

With our range of railings and fences type that we can create a complete protection system within railway infrastructures. When a project of these characteristics is presented to us, we carry out a study of the layout needs and manufacture any element that may be required to order.

Different anti-corrosion treatments can be applied to our entire range of railings and fences type, each of which offers a different type of protection.

security fences

Depending on the characteristics of the project, we can apply a hot galvanized finish, a thermo-lacquered finish or a mixed application for more aggressive environments.

Fences and enclosures for stations

Train, metro or tram stations need robust enclosure systems that are resistant to the high volume of traffic, and at the same time comply with the current regulations on railway matters set by the network operator.

Regarding train stations, whether long-distance or regional, high-speed or not, we have a wide variety of enclosures that we can manufacture on request with standard models that we have supplied in many works, or adapt to the requirements of the draft.

In any case, any design can be subjected to a wide variety of anti-corrosion treatments to provide it with the appropriate layer of protection against humidity and oxidation according to the environment in which it is installed.

Do you need fences and enclosures for any of these areas or other applications? We at Fencing Specialist know how to help you. Contact us!


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