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Bicycle: What benefits does its use bring us?

What kind of users are you? You use it daily, occasionally, on weekends, only on vacation ... For what purpose; as a means of transportation to go to work, as an amateur athlete, just for fun…? Regardless of the answer you have given, this interests you.

What benefits does its use bring us? According to various studies, we can find innumerable virtues that the use of the bicycle brings us.

bicycle benefits

  1. We perform a cardiovascular exercise. With greater or less intensity depending on the route and time we take. What is clear is that if you move your legs, you move your heart. With this we favor, among other benefits, the regulation of cholesterol, in addition to helping to keep us fit and at an adequate weight.
  2. Lower body muscle empowerment. With the pedaling movement we favor the toning of the leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves ...). By strengthening the entire muscular structure that supports the knee, we will avoid overwork on the part of the knee and avoid future injuries.
  3. We strengthen the paravertebral muscles. With this we will reduce the possibility of suffering from hernias. Of course, you have to maintain a correct position on the bike, because if not, what we will achieve will be the opposite. For this, biomechanical studies are increasingly being used; with them we will find our most suitable posture for the use and enjoyment of the bicycle, in addition to knowing the correct size of the bicycle we need.
  4. When pedaling lowers our stress level, since it is a sport that is practiced outdoors, it keeps us focused on the activity, helps to disconnect, makes us share experiences and, in addition, it makes us secrete a large amount of hormones, which makes us feel, very good.
  5. Like all physical activities, riding a bicycle helps us boost our immune system.

And if we do it together, it brings us all the innate values of group sports: teamwork, sacrifice for a common good, sharing emotions ...

However; Do you know your obligations as a bicycle user? Do you know what preventive measures you must carry out to practice pedaling?

  1. The first and most basic thing is to know that if we do it on public roads we are obliged to comply with the regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic; we are one more vehicle and, therefore, we must behave as such.
  2. The use of a helmet is mandatory on all types of roads for children under 16 years of age. In the case of adults, it is mandatory for interurban roads (except on long ascending ramps, for accredited medical reasons, or in extreme heat conditions). In some municipalities, their own regulations make it mandatory.
  3. Our visibility is our security. Therefore, the use of high visibility garments (bright colors) is recommended and it is mandatory to use some reflective garment at the time of use by the lighting vehicles.
  4. If driving through underpasses and tunnels at night, it is mandatory to carry lighting, in this case, white light in the front and red in the rear, although the regulations also include rear non-triangular reflector.
  5. When we are circulating by bicycle it is forbidden to use headphones (they isolate you from the environment), as well as the mobile phone.
  6. Remember that traffic lights are for everyone.
  7. Can you take points away from us? "The loss of points will only occur when the fact from which the deduction of points is derived occurs on the occasion of the driving of a vehicle for which administrative authorization to drive is required. "And to date, the driving of bicycles does not require any authorization.
  8. Cyclists on the road may circulate in a column of two (Art. 54 RG Circulation).

Finally, and finally, remember the importance of respecting the safety distance when overtaking a bike. In 1.5 meters, not only a cyclist goes, a life goes. Visit Stead Cycles today to buy your own bike and your safety equipment gears.

Cheers, pedals and see you soon.


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