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1. What should you pay attention to when washing your engine? 


MOTORCYCLE SERVICING should not be washed with machines that produce pressurised water, if it is forced to be washed, water should not be squeezed on cooler radiator cores, electronic components, over kilometre hours, electronic circuit and relays should be protected. 
The muffler outlet should be closed with a plug to prevent water from entering the exhaust muffler. 
No hot water should be left to the hot engine and brake discs. 
The water on the newly washed engine should be wiped and dried. 
In motorcycles which are used immediately after washing, as a result of the water flowing on it, slippings may occur in bends and sudden conditions.
Periodically, the paint of the engine should be cleaned with a protective varnish, and black plastic parts should not be polished.
Plastic parts should be cleaned with quality plastic cleaners sold in the market.
It is useful to do the washing with clean sponges and cheap brand hair shampoos. 

2. Fairings Screws 

Fairness screws and all bolts of each motorcycle should be reviewed at certain times, before going off the road, and loose ones should be tightened with appropriate wrenches, and bolts and screws should not be damaged during tightening. It is recommended to tighten the bolts that loosen frequently with special medicines. 

3. Antifreeze 

In engines using liquid cooling system, the antifreeze level should be checked before starting, if it is missing, it should be completed when the engine is cold. 
Each antifreeze has a certain lifetime, it needs to be changed after certain times. These times are indicated in the handbook of each motorcycle. Unless absolutely necessary, water should not be added. 
In air-cooled engines, they should not be covered with accessories and similar objects, preventing the air flow in front of the cylinder cores.

4. Brake Fluid 

Brake fluid level should be checked, hydraulic oils should be replaced with recommended brands and types at certain times. Time intervals were determined in handbooks. Wear levels of the front and rear brake pads should also be reviewed.

Worn and run-out brake pads damage brake discs and drums if not checked.

Occasionally, brake linings should be cleaned with lining sprays.

Why does the oil level drop in the hydraulic chamber?

The oil in the hydraulic reservoir drops for two reasons.

1-Due to leakage and leakage in the brake system
2-Due to excessive wear of brake pads

After changing the brake pad, the level in the hydraulic oil reservoir will be replaced.

Attention !

While adding hydraulic oil, it should not be contaminated with painted parts, after completion, those parts and hands should be washed with plenty of water. 


Each engine has periodic oil change km and time. In motorcycles that are not used, the life of the oil is one year. Otherwise, the oil loses its lubricating feature. Each MOTORCYCLE SERVICING should be changed according to the handbook, using the oil recommended by the manufacturer. It is beneficial to change the oil filter at every oil change. It is recommended to change the crankcase plug gasket at every oil change.


After the oil is put into the engine, the engine should not be started immediately. One hand should be on the start button and the other on the stop button, it should be in the oil lamp in our eyes and the oil lamp should go out with short starters.
Lubrication in engines with new oil change may cause wear in the engine as it will complete the circuit later than normal time. The oil level of the engine should be checked in a straight position at every long journey and at each stop.
It is normal for some engines that use fully synthetic oil to reduce very little oil at high speeds and revs.

6. Chain Maintenance 

Does the MOTORCYCLE SERVICING chain have a lifetime?

Each sprocket and chain have a lifetime. Chains that are not maintained can be deformed or even broken in harsh use and endanger the life of the driver and damage the motorcycle. Chains are used with oring and straight.

What should we do to protect the chain of our engine?

1-We should lubricate our chain periodically with a quality chain spray after a certain km. We should do this lubrication more frequently in rainy weather.
2-The chain should be washed at certain times with the help of a special chain cleaning spray or an oil paint brush with special solutions.
3-The washed chain should be lubricated after it is completely dry.
4-Each chain has an ideal tension measure, these values ​​are usually indicated on the motorcycle's rear fork with a label or manual.
Excessive chains or overstretched chains will damage the engine and gears.It affects driving pleasure.

How should lubrication be?

In O-rings, lubrication motor is placed on the stand, and in motors without stand, two people, with the help of the front brake, tighten the motor on the side stand (do not try to see how this is done, you can damage yourself and your engine.) It must be done and applied in a way that it will never come on the tire.


After lubrication, it should not be moved immediately, the oil squeezed into the chain should be tightened a little.

7. Tire Care 

We know that bad and neglected tires miss driving pleasure. Moreover, a maintenance-free tire can bring the driver to the nose with life threatening ...

1-Can there be a change in the tires of motorcycles that are not used in winter?
Yes, the pressure and structure of the tire, which stays on the concrete floor and in unsuitable weather conditions for weeks and touches the ground, changes.

2-What should be done to prevent change?
Tires should be in contact with the ground.

It may be recommended to use the front and rear stands on some motorcycles.
It is also useful to put wood or plastic between the floor and tires.

3-What are the controls to be done in terms of tires before you set off at the beginning of the season?

The tires of each MOTORCYCLE SERVICING  should be reviewed at the beginning of the season and it should be checked for cracks, abrasion, excessive hardening, deformation and hidden scratches. If we have these counts, the tires must be replaced with new ones.

What should we consider when changing the tire?

1-The front and rear tire should be in the appropriate size recommended by the MOTORCYCLE SERVICING  manufacturer.
2-If only the front or rear are to be replaced, the tires are in the same profile.
3-The date of manufacture of the tire to be purchased is new.
For tires without 4-Tubles, the tire should change with its inner tubes.
5-When the tire is mounted on the rim, the return arrow on the tire must be in the correct direction.
6-When installing the rim on the engine, we should pay attention to the control of the bearings, to replace the gap and sound, and to lubricate the rim shaft with grease.

REMINDER: Every new tire that has changed needs to be balanced.

IMPORTANT DETAIL: The most important point to be considered in racing motorcycles is the holes consisting of objects sinking to the tire base,
It must be repaired by qualified people.


1-In such cases, abrasive tools are used by people who are not competent to repair the area with holes and cause excessive damage to the layers of the tire.
2-The high pressure given to the tire after repair causes air to pass between the layers which are worn inside and at high speeds, breaks may occur in large parts of the outer tire tread.


1-In Europe, users are replacing the tires that explode as a result of objects entering the tire. This is the most convenient.
2-Having a tire repair spray next to each biker will enable it to temporarily repair the flat tire. (This only applies to tubles tires.) Repairs with tire repair spray are temporary.
3-Tire air pressures should be checked frequently and air should be pressed at the values ​​specified in the handbook. The air clocks at gas stations and tire repairers sometimes mislead.

8. Battery Maintenance 

How to care for the battery on a motorcycle?
What should be considered in the maintenance of non-aqueous batteries?
1-Pole heads are clean and tight
2-Charge of

What should be considered while maintaining watery batteries?

1-Level controls of pure water chambers should be done
2-Pure water should be added to the chambers where pure water is missing.
3-Acid boom low-acid batteries must be completed

Is there any water damage to the engine that is put in the battery?

Since excessive water placed in the battery will overflow, it will damage the chassis and paint parts of your engine. This means damage to your engine.

What should we be careful about while maintaining the battery.

1-The ignition is off
2-To keep the battery away from spark fire 
3-Working with gloves, protecting our skin and clothes from battery water and steam
4-After the battery, it should be checked that the tension er tire or the connection device is replaced so that the battery does not move from the jolt after it has been placed in the motorcycle.
5-It should be noted whether the plus and minus connections of the pole heads are properly made.


The starter motor of the battery, which has a weak charge, does not operate at normal speed. 
Some people were found to be supplementing with car batteries with a very high amperage, after which it was frequently observed that this caused damage to the engine's ignition brain that could not be repaired.
Recommended: Every MOTORCYCLE SERVICING has a battery charger suitable for its purse. For some motorcycle brands produced in Europe, there is a charging socket on the motorcycle in order to charge the battery without removing it.


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