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What Should We Motorbike Spares Replace Without Fail?

The wheels

Driving on summer tires motorbike spares in winter is prohibited. For this reason, you should replace the tires used in the summer with ones suitable for the winter, as the daily average temperature stays below 7 ° C for several days. The latter are made with a softer rubber mixture, which maintains its elasticity at low temperatures, and its tread has more lamellae, which are responsible for providing grip on slippery surfaces.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares


Today, most manufacturers of car chemicals produce oils suitable for any season. However, if the vehicle is used in a place with extreme weather, the lubricant may need to be changed. For example, 25W-40 viscosity grade oil cannot be used in temperatures below -5 ° C, nor 20W-40 below -10 ° C. These oils thicken in cold weather, which increases engine wear at start-up significantly, apart from also increasing starter load and consumption.

Diesel fuel

Summer diesel thickens at temperatures of -5 ° C. It cannot be used without preheating. Given the special products included, winter fuel maintains its fluidity down to -35 ° C and, some special types, down to -55 ° C.

9 car accessories and products that can help you in a winter emergency

Snow And Motorbike Spares Ice Scraper Brush 

Thanks to their help, you can easily motorbike spares clean windows and bodywork from ice and snow without damaging the paint or scratching the windows. It is an indispensable object if the car rests outdoors.

Anti-fog products 

This category includes chemical compounds capable of forming an invisible protective barrier on the glass surface, preventing moisture from condensing.

Key liquid 

It is a special penetrating product that facilitates the opening of an icy lock. It is also often used to prevent ice formation.

The shovel 

It is a must-have for removing motorbike spares snow from under the wheels of a vehicle stuck on the road. It is recommended to have 2 blades in the trunk: one square and the other with a rounded tip. The first is suitable for clearing large areas of snow. The second will be necessary to remove snow or ice from under the bottom of the car.

Traction mats for tires 

They are put under the sliding wheel, on a slippery or snowy road.

Seat covers

They protect the upholstery from dirt, apart from creating an additional layer of air, so the seats will feel warmer when entering the car. We also recommend purchasing seat covers that include heating, so we will enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Jumper cables 

They are helpful to start the engine if from another vehicle, in case the battery is discharged. You should choose thick cables with large alligator clips: in case there is a slight resistance in the circuit, electricity will heat the cable but will not start the engine.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Tow rope 

It can help you if you get stuck in a snow bank.


This chemical acts against ice. For example, it can help you remove ice from the garage entrance.


Many defects, which are imperceptible in the summer, are made visible in winter by operating the vehicle in difficult weather conditions. In order to avoid that any system of the car breaks down at the most inconvenient moment, away from civilization, it is recommended to check the car, preferably in a workshop, before the cold arrives. In fact, you will be at ease with your vehicle if all its units and assemblies are working correctly, as well as if you have some simple but useful accessories and tools.


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