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Types of automatic doors according to your garage

An automatic garage door is one more access to housing, such as the entrance door. And as we take special care in choosing this door, we must do the same with that of the garage, taking into account its aesthetics and strength, as well as the safety and thermal and acoustic insulation it provides.

There is a wide variety of types and models of automatic garage doors that differ in design, finish, materials ...
To obtain a satisfactory result, choose the one that best matches the style of the construction in which it will be installed. You even have to take into account the area where you live (urban, residential, rural, etc.) and the expectations you have regarding usage, security, etc.
The type of material with which the automatic garage door is built is an important issue that is intimately linked to the aesthetics of the house, the weather and the situation of the area where it is located (interior, beach, mountain, etc.) These variables can be metal, wood, plastic, etc. In any case, you have to choose a robust automatic garage door , which can last for many years.

automatic garage doors

Types of automatic garage doors according to their opening

The physical characteristics of the place where the automatic garage door is to be installed, such as garage dimensions, proximity of walls, etc., will determine the choice of the type of door opening, which can be manual or automatic. Needless to say, automatic garage doors are the best option for comfort, safety and a smoother and more constant operation that will extend their life. In the latter case, it will be necessary to provide it with the necessary motors and automatism according to its type.
As for its opening system, the most common are: the swing arms, the sectional, the swing, the sliding and the roller. 
  • Swing arms : Ideal for residential, community, commercial or industrial use. When they open, they are glued to the ceiling by guides. They save a lot of space. There are one and two leaves. In the latter case, the top sheet is usually a third of the total and is attached to the bottom by means of hinges, where it folds when closed. This type reduces the interior and exterior space required during opening. They are very quiet with both manual and automatic operation.
  • Sectionals : They are formed by horizontal panels joined together, with pulleys on the sides that slide along guides. Open, they are horizontal and glued to the ceiling. They are very suitable for sloping ceilings. They allow to  make the most of the space and adapt  to all types of openings and dimensions without taking up space inside. It is a very silent model that also offers a high level of thermal insulation. There is the possibility of lateral opening, left or right, sliding on the garage wall in the same way as they do on the roof.
  • atientes : This type of automatic garage doors, one or two leaves, is one of the most used. They open at an angle of ninety degrees both inward and outward, depending on the space available.
  • Sliding : They are automatic garage doors that move laterally by a rail , so they need to have a lot of lateral space. They are installed mainly in urbanization and country houses and also in industrial facilities.
  • Roller : They are the typical blind type used in many commercial premises. They roll up to the ceiling and save a lot of space, so they are perfect if the space you have is reduced. They are usually metallic and offer enough protection against theft.

Types of automatic garage doors according to materials

As for the materials with which an automatic garage door can be made , there are many, currently. The most used, however, are the following:
  • The wood . The automatic garage doors made of this material were the most installed some time ago, but their use is declining. The excessive weight, constant maintenance and high price have been the damaging factors that have relegated its use. However, they are the most aesthetic and elegant and, therefore, the most appreciated by decoration lovers.
  • The steel : The automatic garage doors of this material are heavier than wood, but more durable and lower priceThey are not as elegant as those made of wood, but certain finishing options, such as paint and textures, greatly improve them until they are highly attractive.
  • The aluminum . The use of this material is less frequent. Aluminum doors are lighter than the previous two and more resistant to corrosion, but are difficult to decorate.
  • The PVCVinyl doors are cheap, light and resistant, but they have the disadvantage that they can be deformed by heat.
automatic garage doors

Before installing the automatic garage door

Some tips to keep in mind when installing automatic garage doors :
  • To avoid accidents, it is necessary to install a sensor that stops its movement in case they detect any obstacle.
  • Putting a small automatic garage door for pedestrian access on the same door - if the design allows - or at your side, is a good safety measure in case the automatic garage door automatism fail.
  • All types of automatic garage doors require basic maintenanceThe rails and opening mechanisms must be lubricated with silicone based oils or lubricants, preferably. Do not use fat. According to the material of the automatic garage door, special care and a form of own cleaning will be adopted, so that it resists without damage the inclement weather Periodically check the condition and stability of the automatic garage door.
The choice of a certain automatic garage door should not be left so lightly, since it also depends on home security. As we have seen, there are more robust and durable ones, which is always favorable. In addition, Doors4U Garage Doors also ensures our security with coverage and benefits that we can adapt and choose according to our needs.

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