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Skip bins newcastle and GPS Tracking Solution

Are you competitive in winning Skip bins Newcastle do you have full visibility of your fleet and KPI operational data in real time is your fleet management system scalable expandable and cost-effective have you maximized the efficiency and productivity of your fleet they brothers and software integrators have joined forces to develop an industry-leading real-time skip bin pickup. 

And vehicle tracking solution called Skip bins Newcastle that addresses all these issues plus more specifically designed for truck fleets working on waste management contracts the Skip bins Newcastle was first deployed for waste collection contractor today expect Skip bins Newcastle to provide full operational accountability. 

And records of every action performed out in the field this joint solution from peacock brothers and software integrators fulfills every requirement and more giving you the leading edge in winning valuable government waste removal contracts the unique solution involves fitting a GPRS device. 

Skip bins Newcastle

And skip bins pickup sensor onto your waste collection vehicle which communicates live with your back-office application the required hardware can be installed onto any waste collection vehicle regardless of model or size the vehicles activities such as beam pickups are automatically logged and recorded including critical information such as the date and time of pickups quantity of mines. 

And vehicle ID all this information is instantly transmitted to your Depot in real time monitoring every vehicles activity during the day for remote areas where mobile wireless networks drop out making live wireless communication impossible and exclusive technology called record and push has been developed this enables the GPRS unit to continue recording all the activities. 

And then update the server as soon as a connection is re-established now any Council or contractor can deploy this solution regardless of their geographical location the Skip bins Newcastle resides on a web hosted server which can be accessed via the Internet allowing any of your computer's access to the system remotely providing full administration. 

And control this innovative approach eliminates the costs involved in upgrading computers software and ongoing maintenance Skip bins Newcastle will optimize the running of your fleet and streamline your operations both in the Depot and out in the field delivering visibility of every vehicle in real time instant notification of extra skip bins pickups at locations history of position speed and direction of any vehicle at any point in time recording of vehicle stoppages. 

Skip bins newcastle

And breaks flexible data extraction and reporting tools for vehicle speeds locations and actions management of fleets from to thousands of vehicles secure user login access and password control peacock brothers and software integrators know that there is more to your business than simple bin pickups. 

So Skip bins Newcastle have added even more options to help you run every aspect of your fleet in the most efficient method possible by upgrading to an in vehicle touch screen mobile data collection device route information can be presented to your drivers by either voice or graphical display on a large color screen this enhancement will provide your drivers with clear. 

And detailed instructions during every point of their route because Skip bins Newcastle enables alive two-way exchange of information the route list of pickups can be displayed in an easy-to-follow list format for the driver which can be updated with helpful information as needed such as how to get to access bins locked in yards security access information to sites instructions on the best access to difficult pickup areas. 

And more all of this information can be easily customized to your specific business requirements at any time companies that Skip bins Newcastle can take advantage of the option to display the route as a map identifying the pickup points by the GPRS screen this easy-to-follow display format allows any driver to complete their given route efficiently and on time with minimal training even if they have never driven that route. 

Before this is the perfect solution for companies that rotate drivers employ casual stoner for experience hire driver turnover tasks such as vehicle safety inspections recording of hazards and obstacles notifications to customers of beam contamination were incorrect placement and other noteworthy driver observations can all be completed in seconds with the minimal data entry drivers can also add other required information such as brakes taken. 

And trips to the tip for unloading during Skip bins Newcastle route Iko soft not only records the time that these events occur but also adds information on the vehicle location speed and direction during those periods drivers no longer need to use time-consuming paper-based pickup instructions. 

And reporting and your Depot operators can retrieve specific information at the click of a button in the Depot your operators are receiving crucial reports on the efficiency of your vehicles on every route reports display speeds traveled routes taken driving habits and vehicle reliability allowing for more informed fleet management decisions. 

Skip bins newcastle

And control Skip bins Newcastle provided a leading rural waste collection contractor with immediate results far above their expectations competition to win critical waste collection contracts has never been harder with demands by councils including extended customer service. 

And operational visibility Skip bins Newcastle is an essential investment to keep your waste collection business competitive and profitable Skip bins Newcastle will improve driver and operational efficiency and save on internal labor costs all with minimal outlay and short return on investment for more information on the range of Skip bins Newcastle solutions contact software integrators.


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